Valorant Champions 2023: Playoff Seed & Expectations

The Main Event of Champions is finally here and we will soon be visiting the Kia Forum for the Top 4. Here's the playoffs were seeded and who's going to be against who!

EDG Champions20231
Posing for the photo while defusing the spike, legend | © Riot Games

We are finally done with the first phase of Champions, and if we are to judge by the group stage the playoffs will be wild.

Valorant Champions 2023 Playoff Table

The seeding for the playoff table was done the usual way. Here's a short explanation of how it was seeded:

  • The team that finished 1st in Group A plays vs the team that finished 2nd in Group B
  • The team that finished 1st in Group B plays vs the team that finished 2nd in Group A
  • The team that finished 1st in Group C plays vs the team that finished 2nd in Group D
  • The team that finished 1st in Group D plays vs the team that finished 2nd in Group C

And this is what the playoff table looks like:

Fnatic vs LOUD

Table Legend:

  • UB = Upper Bracket , LB = Lower Bracket, QF = Quarter Finals, SF = Semi-Finals, R1 = Round 1 & GF = Grand Finals

Valorant Champions 2023 Schedule

Once the group stage is over, players will have a 2 days break before they continue their battle for the trophy.

Here's what the schedule will look like for the playoffs:

  • Fnatic vs LOUD: August 16 @ 3 PM ET / 9 PM CEST
  • Paper Rex vs FUT Esports: August 16 6 PM ET / 12 AM CEST
  • DRX vs Bilibili Gaming: August 17 @ 3 PM ET / 9 PM CEST
  • EG vs EDG: August 17@ 6 PM ET / 12 AM CES

Valorant Champions 2023 Playoff Expectation

Any team that has gone this far in the event has a legitimate chance to win it. There were countless upsets so far to the point where we aren't even surprised when they happen. Here's a short explanation of what is expected to happen per match.

Fnatic vs LOUD

Boaster To Sleep
Will Boaster put LOUD to sleep? | © Fnatic

Fnatic has been under some backlash due to the "One Team Region" drama. They are the clear favorites to win Champions 2023 since the beginning and they've shown no mercy in the group stage to prove the bookmakers right. LOUD on the other hand have had quite a rough start, losing the first match and then fighting their way to the playoffs through the Elim & Decider matches.

It's clear that Fnatic are expected to dominate the game, and send LOUD to the lower bracket with a 2-0 victory. Can the reigning champions give their best and manage to give the first "upset" to Fnatic.

Paper Rex vs FUT ESports

PR Xon Fire
PRX are on fire! | © Riot Games

The Turkish team shared the same fate as the Brazilians, as they didn't have the best of group stage games. In the decider match vs T1, they showed what they are capable of, and that people shouldn't count them off so early. Paper Rex on the other hand have been preparing well for this event, and are playing their best Valorant so far in their competitive history.

As far as expectations go, this match is nothing different than the LOUD vs Fnatic one, as PRX are the clear favorites here. Jinggg is one of the best duelists in Champions so far, and he's in top 4 for ACS/Map average.

DRX vs Bilibili Gaming

Can DRX avoid an upset? | © Riot Games

With three overtime victories, DRX is the team that played the most overtime matches so far. They kickstarted their Champions campaign with a win over the defending Champions, and with a few mistakes, they managed to lock the first place in their group. Bilibili also started their group stage adventure well but were unfortunate to play vs Fnatic in the group stage where they lost 2-0.

Bilibili is the underdog in this series, but people are expecting an upset and we can see them come on top on this one. DRX are known for their discipline and clean plays, but that probably won't help them and we should expect a close series here.

Evil Geniuses vs EDward Gaming

Kang Kangis King
Atleast that's what the crowd thinks | © Riot Games

This will probably be the most anticipated game in these quarterfinal games and it's with a reason. Champions has had a lot of trash talk, and it might be for the good or bad. This is Tarik's take on this one, and you should check it out as it has some "lore" in it. Kang Kang is the fan favorite here, and judging by the picture on the top of this article, you will probably notice why.

EG on the other hand, has Boostio & Demon1 which have been picturing themselves as the villains in this event and have spread a lot of trash talk. This series is super close, and even though EG has a minor edge over EDG, this is Champions and expect one heck of a game here. Make sure you don't miss this one, as you won't like watching it on the highlights or VOD's.


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