What Is The NRG Valorant Roster? (Updated)

NRG has acquired the OpTic Gaming core roster and formed a team poised to dominate regional and international Valorant tournaments. Yup, you've heard it right - they are here to say and dominate.

Nrg lock in
As OpTic as it gets. | © Riot Games

The North American Valorant scene is about to get shaken up by this roster, for real. Some of these players have already proven themselves to be the highest-earning team in Valorant Championship Tour 2022. NRG is composed of three experienced players, their coach, and three up-and-coming talents; let's meet them better!

NRG Valorant Roster

Real NameNicknameRoleVCT 2022 Team
Pujan MehtaFNSPlayer / IGL

OpTic Gaming

Austin Roberts

crashiesPlayerOpTic Gaming
Victor WongVictorPlayerOpTic Gaming
Ardis SvarenieksardiisPlayerFunPlus Phoenix
Sam Ohs0mPlayerNRG

Zander Kim


Chet SinghChet

Head Coach

OpTic Gaming
Benjamin BravotrainerAssistant CoachSoaR (Head Coach) / OpTic Gaming (Analyst)

So yeah, this roster is expected to dominate regional and international tournaments. As we have mentioned before, it contains a talented trio from the previous OpTic Gaming roster, the one that finished second during VCT Champions 2022. This team also has Chet Singh, who coached OpTic Gaming in 2022, and this bodes very well. Like, very well. With this acquisition, it is safe to say that NRG has one of the most consistent and proven rosters in Valorant history.

Moreover, if you combine this with the fact that these experienced players also have three young talents with them, this just can't go bad. And to all the people complaining that this roster won't be the same without yay and Marved, just wait a couple of months to see how wrong you were.

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