Not Even Valorant Pros Know How Yoru Ultimate Works

Yoru's ultimate, Dimensional Rift, has been confusing players regarding its utility, with even pro players not knowing how his indicator works.

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Valorant has a lot of intricacies in its gameplay. From weapon and agent tier lists, to map dependant metas, lineups for certain characters, synergies, and dozens of abilities sometimes it's hard to keep track of how exactly they work.

As it turns out, it seems a huge portion of the Valorant community, including high ELO and pro players, had a big misconception regarding how Yoru's ultimate ability, Dimensional Drift, actually works.

Let's give an example. Imagine you're defending site and the enemy Yoru pops their ultimate, a few seconds go by and you hear the queue that shows up whenever you think the Yoru is near you and make the call that he's around site - then all of a sudden, without using his teleporter, he shows up in a completely different sightline than the one you assumed he'd be, that is, closer to you.

As it turns out the visual/auditive indicator is not when Yoru is near you, but rather, when you are in his line of sight, regardless of distance. This was shared by Valorant coach Dani Hashweh on social media.

After being asked whether the ulting Yoru had to be directly looking at you to get the visual queue to pop, Dani added that as long as you're on his screen the indicator would show up, meaning you couldn't even potentially be the player his targeting.

So there you have it! Did you know about this incredibly common Yoru misconception beforehand or as just as shocked as us? Personally, we feel rather dumb remembering all those times we called to our team that Yoru was right on our tail now...

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