Xbox Game Pass Could Give 100% XP Boost To Valorant Players

If you needed a reason to get Game Pass even if you had all agents unlocked, it seems being a subscriber could give a massive boost to your battle pass grind.

Valorant game pass
It would be a big advantage! I ©Riot Games

Ever since Riot Games announced a shocking partnership with Microsoft, bringing their titles to Xbox Game Pass, fans started wondering when they would actually get to enjoy the benefits the service would offer, and more importantly - what other perks could they get besides those announced.

Sadly, we still don't have a concrete date besides a vague 2023 from both Microsoft and Riot Games, we know that it could come with some massive benefits besides getting all Agents unlocked instantly - a 100% XP boost to your battle pass grind.

If you play Valorant long enough, chances are you already have all Agents ready to play, however, it seems Microsoft really wants to appeal to both casual and hardcore grinders by giving the latter group an almost absurd XP boost.

The information comes from the Valorant Leaks Twitter account, which shared code from the work-in-progress feature, confirming that it'll give out extra XP for Game Pass subscribers.

Now, while the images do mention that the XP boost is that of 100%, it could very well simply be a placeholder number. If you buy the premium battle pass, the increase is a meager 3% in comparison. So as enticing as it is to get people to sign to Game Pass, a permanent double XP boost seems a bit unrealistic.

In any case, the feature is still far away so things could change in an instant. Who knows, maybe it does end up being a 100% boost or Riot decides to scrap the idea altogether.

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