Should You use Left Handed Mode In Valorant?

Left-handed mode in Valorant is one of the least used features and one that could help you improve your aim ever so slightly.

There are left hand settings in the game. I ©Riot Games

Valorant offers plenty of ways to customize your experience. From crosshair types and colors, classic sensitivity and DPI settings, and it even has a left-handed mode.

Initially thought as a way for left-hand players who aim with said hand to be more in tune with the game by switching the placement of the gun model to the left, it may be worth it even if you're right-handed.

Why You Should Use Left-Handed Mode In Valorant

Valorant content creator Rem explained that the vast majority of people are right-eye dominant, meaning that playing with the left-handed mode option could actually improve their consistency while aiming.

The reason for this is that the gun model can be distracting if it's directly on the same side as your dominant eye, making you feel a bit more awkward while aiming.

It's all preference, though, and Valorant players have discussed for years if it's just a placebo effect or not. In any case, if you want to try it out, here's how to change your settings.

How To Change To Left-Handed Mode In Valorant

Simply follow these next steps and you'll be good to go. We recommend you hop on deathmatch or even an unrated game first so you test the waters and see how well you adjust to the gun model being swaped. Trust me, it'll make you feel extremely out of place at first.

  • Open Valorant, and go to Settings
  • Go the General and then scroll down until you see the Other section.
  • The first function in the list will be "First Person Handedness", choose "Left".

and that's it! Will you be trying this out or are you already ahead of the game?


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