This Female Gekko Cosplay Is On Point!

Genderbend cosplays are neat and a dedicated Valorant content creator brought Gekko to life in a whole new way.

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Female Gekko for the win. I © Riot Games/Lena Lemon

As we've discussed previously, the Valorant cosplay community has come up with some creative renditions of popular Agents since the game was released all the way back in 2020.

Genderbend cosplays have also become popular quite in their own right. Everyone loves seeing their favorite Agents reimagined in a whole other way, and that's exactly what content creator Lena Lemon did with Gekko!

Genderbend Gekko Cosplay Melts Our Hearts

Lena Lemon is a pretty popular content creator, particularly on Instagram and TikTok. While she has a decently sized following on platforms like Twitter (7k) and Twitch (15k), her Instagram (191k) and TikTok reach (1.4 million) is on another level.

Lena has cosplayed plenty of Valorant Agents in the past, such as Sage or Viper, and even other well-known characters from games such as Genshin Impact. On April 29, she revealed her latest project fully complete - Genderbend Gekko.

It's stylish, highly produced, and very on point! Lena even posed with some iconic weapons like the Prime Vandal or the Singularity Sheriff. The cosplay even attracted the attention of the official Valorant Twitter account, who responded to Lena, praising the amazing work put behind her Gekko transformation.

As we've mentioned, this isn't the only genderbend cosplay Lena has pulled off, doing an insane rendition of Yoru, going as far as taking an entire photoshoot in Japan.

Honestly, it's an outstanding effort and we really can't wait what other cosplays she is cooking up to showcase in the near future.


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