Valorant Champions Day 2: Schedule, Matches, Head to Heads & More

After some very surprising results on Day 1, Day 2 is about to begin. Here's everything you need to know about the matches.

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Evil Geniuses are confident in their ability to go big at Champions | © Evil Geniuses

Day 1 finished with tons of surprises that not many expected. The group of death finished their initial matches and here's a small recap of Day 1.

Valorant Champions 2023 Day 1 Recap

The opening matches of Champions 2023 were none other than the "Group of Death" ones.

Here are the results:

Map 1: FractureTeam Liquid 11:13 Natus Vincere
Map 2: BindTeam Liquid 15:17 Natus Vincere
Decider Map: Split//
Map 1: LotusDRX 13:15 LOUD
Map 2: SplitDRX 13:6 LOUD
Decider Map: AscendDRX 13:8 LOUD
  • Group D Winners Match: NaVi vs DRX | August 8 03:00 CEST (Day 2)
  • Group D Elimination Match: Team Liquid vs LOUD

Where To Watch Day 2 Valorant Champions 2023

Champions 2023 has two types of streams in which you can follow the event. The Official ones with commentary, or the watch parties that are streamed primarily by the content creators.

Valorant Champions 2023 Streamer Watch Parties

These are the more popular streamers' watch parties you might be interested in:

  • Tarik
  • Subroza
  • Kyedae
  • ShahZam
  • Kuba
  • Mixwell

In the tweet below you can see the other official Watch Parties that you can tune in to during Champions 2023

Official Champions 2023 Streams With Commentary

English Stream (Primary):

German Stream:

French Stream:

Turkish Stream:

Latin American (ES) Stream:

Filipino Stream:

Valorant Champions 2023 Day 2 Matches

The second day will be filled with the initial matches from Group B together with the Winners' Match from Group D.

Champions Day 2 Schedule

You can check each team's current roster by clicking on the team name.

Map 1:FUT vs T1TBD / 9 PM CEST
Map 2:FUT vs T1
Decider Map:FUT vs T1
Map 1:EG vs FPXTBD / 12 PM CEST
Map 2:EG vs FPX
Decider Map:EG vs FPX
Map 1:NaVi vs DRXTBD / 3 PM CEST
Map 2:NaVi vs DRX
Decider Map:NaVi vs DRX

Champions 2023 FUT Esports vs T1 Head to Head Results

This will be the first encounter between these teams as they've not yet faced each other. In their five previous individual matches, they both have a 2-3 score.

Champions 2023 Evil Geniuses vs FPX Head to Head Results

EG & FPX have also not faced each other yet and this will be their first matchup as well. In their five previous individual matches, they both have a score of 3-2.

Champions 2023 Natus Vincere vs DRX Head to Head Results

Today's games are one big thing in common, and that is that they are all facing each other for the first time. NaVI and DRX also have the same fate as the two previous matches, and their previous scoreline for the past five games is NaVi 3-2 & DRX 2-3.

What To Expect From Day 2 Of Champions 2023

As we've stated before, Champions is the biggest Valorant event and games can be unpredictable. Even if one team is expected to stomp another because they are the underdogs the opposite can happen and that is expectable.

Day 2 hosts 3 matches instead of the two that we had for Day 1, and we can expect the same for this day as well. FUT vs T1 is a super close game on paper, but either team can pop off.

EG is expected to dominate over FPX as this is not the FPX from EMEA, and the difference in roster quality is quite big. The last game is the derby between the winners of the Group of Death, and that is where we expect the most hype and adrenaline rush.


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