What Is The FunPlus Phoenix Valorant Roster?

FPX has changed their roster completely after its god-mode EMEA journey. Their new roster consists of 5 aspiring Chinese players, and here they are.

FPX Team Roster
FPX at VCT 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo | © Riot Games

FPX is a widely known team in Valorant and has its name engraved in the competitive history book. They joined the Valorant world in 2020, by picking up an EMEA mix team. But since then, there have been a lot of ups and downs.

FunPlus Phoenix Valorant Roster

This is the current FPX roster:

NicknameReal NameRoleNationalityDate Born [D/M/Y]Joined [D/M/Y]
BerLINZhang Bo-linPlayer / IGLTaiwanese19.04.200409.01.2023
AAAAYZhang YangPlayerChinese//09.01.2023
TZHTang ZhehaoPlayerChinese//09.01.2023
WudiYuChEnHe CaiPlayerChinese//09.01.2023
YuicawHuang Yung-chiehPlayerTaiwanese20.02.200409.01.2023
NaThanDDeng SenqiaoCoachChinese25.06.1996

Up until the 9th of January this year, FPX was an EMEA team with familiar names in their roster. With that roster, they managed to earn almost half a million dollars in prize money. With their previous EMEA roster, they managed to win Masters Copenhagen in 2022 together with clinching 4th place at VCT Champions in the same year.

This was the FPX roster that won Masters in Copenhagen | © Riot Games

Their roster back then consisted of:

  • ANGE1
  • Shao
  • Zyppan
  • ardiis

FunPlus Phoenix in VCT 2023

The current "Chinese" roster will very soon play the Champions 2023 China Qualifier, in which they are expected to redeem their name and take one of the three slots that will go to Los Angeles in August. Yuicaw has shown immense performances so far and is trying to prove himself as the star player of the team.

The China qualifier starts in just a couple of days, and FPX are expected to have a fight till the end for a ticket to VCT Champions 2023.

Was their switch to China worth it, or was leaving EMEA a mistake? China is officially a VCT member and will have their own game client. If you wish to learn more about that, check Valorant China: Release Date, Replay System, Exclusive Skins.


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