Valorant Champions Day 1: Schedule, Matches, Head to Heads & More

After waiting almost a full year, VCT Champions is back, and the best Valorant content & gameplay is coming. Here's what's going to happen on Day 1.

Navi TL Champions1
Natus Vincere vs Team Liquid will be the opening match of this year's Champions | © NAVIValorant

Even though they are scheduled randomly, the opening matches of any event are the most anticipated ones. Being first in the line of fire & breaking the ice for the others, results in chaotic gameplay that's pleasing to the viewer's eye.

Where To Watch Day 1 Champions 2023

These are the official streams that are listed by Riot for the upcoming Day 1 of Champions 2023. The primary and most viewed one will be the English one on Twitch, and the rest are secondary streams that will have commentary from different languages.

Valorant Champions 2023 Official Streams

On the tweet below you can see the official Watch Parties that you can tune in to during Champions.

English Stream (Primary):

German Stream:

French Stream:

Turkish Stream:

Latin American (ES) Stream:

Filipino Stream:

Valorant Champions 2023: Day 1 Matches

The first day of Champions will be filled with the opening ceremony coupled with the two matches that are scheduled today. Group D matches will be the only ones being played out and here they are.

Champions Day 1 Schedule

You can check each team's current roster by clicking on the team name.

Map 1: FractureTeam Liquid vs NaVi11-13 NaVi Win
Map 2: BindTeam Liquid vs NaVi15-17 NaVi Win
Decider Map: SplitTeam Liquid vs NaVi


Map 1: LotusDRX vs LOUD13:15 LOUD Win
Map 2: SplitDRX vs LOUD13:6 DRX Win
Decider Map: AscendDRX vs LOUD13:8 DRX Win

Champions 2023 Team Liquid vs Natus Vincere: Head to Head Results

  • VCT 2023 EMEA: Team Liquid 2:0 NaVi | 24.05.2023
  • VCT 2023 EMEA: Team Liquid 0:2 NaVi | 05.05.2023
  • VCT EMEA LCQ: Team Liquid 2:0 NaVi | 10.08.2022

Champions 2023 DRX vs LOUD: Head to Head Results

  • VCT LOCK//IN Sao Paulo: DRX 2:3 LOUD | 02.03.2023
  • VCT Champions 2022: DRX 0:2 LOUD | 12.09.2022

Community Takes & Predictions

Games at Champions are unpredictable and even the underdogs can stomp the champs. Day 1 is expected to have ups and downs and we are expecting the unthinkable in the two matchups.

Team Liquid is a powerhouse and one of the most successful teams in Valorant as of now. They are the favorites in their matchup but NaVi is not to be underestimated. Based on Twitter posts & comments the expected result of this one is to be 2:1 for either since, but TL is slightly favored over NaVI.

LOUD are the defending Champions in Los Angeles but have had some drama lately surrounding their players. The most recent one was about Aspas not renewing his contract and rumors about joining Sentinels & replacing TenZ. Whether this will or not affect LOUD we will see in a couple of hours. This matchup can be anyone's, and anything can happen.

Will NaVi prove the doubters wrong, and will LOUD manage to kick-start their title defense as they expected?


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