What Is The LOUD Valorant Roster?

Brazil is quickly establishing itself as a region to not trifle with in Valorant and it's thanks to teams like LOUD that they've built such a reputation.

loud valorant
LOUD is one of the best Brazilian Valorant teams. I ©Riot Games

Brazil has a long-standing history of being a strong region in FPS. From CSGO to Rainbow Six, that pedigree has definitely translated to Valorant, albeit with a bit of a slow start.

Teams like LOUD have made sure fans don't forget how strong Brazil is, after all, a single country being treated as an entire region with multiple spots for Valorant Champions doesn't happen often.

LOUD didn't enter Valorant until 2022 and they've certainly made a splash. As we mentioned, Brazilian teams weren't taken as much of a threat previously, but once the organization secured an extremely talented roster, that perception quickly shifted, particularly after their 2nd place finish at Masters Reykjavík.

They've quickly developed a healthy rivalry with North America's OpTic Gaming, beating them in the upper bracket finals of Masters Reykjavík before losing in grand finals - they would face off again in the group stages of Copenhagen with the victory going OpTic's way.

With a fourth match scheduled to happen at Champions, OpTic fans and players are probably familiar with the roster - but for the rest, we're here to help.

LOUD Valorant roster

LOUD entered the Valorant scene in early 2022, maintaining the same roster throughout the whole year. The players are:

NameAgent PoolJoin Date
Erick "Aspas" SantosRaze, Jett, ChamberFebruary, 2022
Felipe "Less" BassoChamber, Killjoy, ViperFebruary, 2022
Arthur "tuyz" VieiraJett, ChamberNovember, 2022
Matias "Saadhak" DelipetroKAY/O, Viper, Sage, FadeFebruary, 2022
Cauan "cauanzin" PereiraSage, SovaNovember, 2022

LOUD Valorant Best Results

VCT 2022: Brazil Stage 2 ChallengersA-Tier1st
VCT 2022: Brazil Stage 1 ChallengersA-Tier1st
VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters - ReykjavíkS-Tier2nd

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