Valorant To Get Team Deathmatch Mode

After rumors of the game mode coming to the game, it's finally happening! Team Deathmatch will arrive to Valorant according to Riot Games.

Valo 2023
Good news for those looking to click heads. I ©Riot Games

The start of Episode 6 has brought plenty of amazing stuff to Valorant, giving a fresh coat of paint as the tactical shooter approaches its third year.

More maps, balance changes, a refreshed UI, and much more. But there's still a lot to be accomplished to keep the player base happy, and that includes new modes for them to engage with Valorant. One of the more requested additions has always been a Team Deathmatch mode.

In a recent Dev Diaries YouTube video update, Anna Donlon, Studio Head at Riot Games focused on Valorant, revealed that the team is working on a unique take on the classic FPS mode.

A few months ago, reliable insider ValorLeaks stated that Riot was working on a Team Deathmatch mode, called Hurm. In it, players would have all their abilities at their disposal, and the first team to reach 100 kills would be the victor.

With new stuff like Swiftplay already in the game and Premier Mode, a more esports-centric mode in development, we might not hear about Team Deathmatch for quite some time, sadly.


In any case, we'll be sure to keep you updated about the upcoming Team Deathmatch mode. Who knows? Maybe Riot will decide to do a shadow drop in the near future.

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