What Is The EDward Gaming Valorant Roster? (Updated)

EDward Gaming is an organization that is really quite established on the eSports scene. And what does their Valorant roster look like that they will be presenting at the 2022 World Championships? Let's find out!

Edward Gaming valorant
Full EDward Gaming Valorant squad - quite a lot of people, huh? | © EDward Gaming

If you follow international eSports, the EDward Gaming organization is no stranger to you. This year, they also managed to conquer the Asian Valorant by qualifying for Champions 2022 with an East Asia LCQ win. Let's see who they actually are and what we can expect from them!

EDward Gaming Valorant Roster

Here is the current EDward Gaming Valorant roster:

Real Name

NicknameRoleJoin Date
Yongkang ZhengZmjjKKPlayer2021.09.09
Senxu Wang


Shunzhi WanCHICHOOPlayer2021.05.01
Donghao Qu


Haodong GuoHaodong


Bohao HanAboSubstitute Player2020.08.15
Zhao ZhangSmoggySubstitute Player2022.07.16
Lo Wen-HsinAfteR


Tang ShijunMuggleCoach2022.03.25

This is a pretty young roster, with an average player age being 19. That said, these gentlemen are just starting on the eSport scene. In fact, "ZmjjKK" couldn't even officially compete in the VCT tournaments until this year because of his age (you are not allowed to compete in China unless you are 18)!

EDward Gaming Valorant Achievements

EDward Gaming's roster has not had any major win yet. However, they could be the dark horse of the Valorant Champions 2022 tournament, as they are in a pretty outstanding shape right now:

E Dward Gaming Recent Results
EDward Gaming's recent results | © liquipedia.com

The roster plays pretty aggressively, which is a bit of a signature for Asian teams at this point. And as we know from the VCT 2022 majors, EMEA and NA teams tend to fall against that kind of playstyle.

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