The Best Teams From The VCT LOCK//IN Omega Group

Let's see who belongs to the elite in the Omega Bracket of the VCT LOCK//IN tournament.

Vct lock in best omega teams
This group contains some super teams. | © Riot Games

Alright, the Alpha Group Stage of the VCT LOCK//IN tournament is over, and now it's time for the Omega Stage to begin. Many say that it will be less exciting; well, it will be hard to top the NRG vs. LOUD match. Still, we expect to see Valorant at the highest level, and the teams we'll show you today are rosters that seem to be really promising and will surely give us a lot of excitement in their matches.

VCT LOCK//IN Omega Group: The Most Notable Teams


Sentinels omega
SEN + LOUD + XSET | © Sentinels
Real NameNicknameRoleVCT 2022 Team
Rory JacksondephhPlayer / IGLXSET
Tyson NgoTenZPlayerSentinels
Hunter MimsSicKPlayerSentinels
Gustavo Rossi


Bryan LunapANcadaPlayerLOUD
Zachary PatronezekkenPlayerXSET
Don MuirSyykoNTHead CoachXSET
Adam KaplankaplanStrategic CoachGhost Gaming

The VCT 2022 season has been underwhelming for Sentinels, who had achieved such success in VCT 2021 that their fans were expecting only the best. Sadly, they have yet to reach that level of greatness, but the current roster, a combination of Sentinels, XSET, and the current Valorant World Champions, LOUD, is definitely nothing to sneeze at.

Natus Vincere

Ange1 valorant esports
ANGE1 and his born to win team. | © Natus Vincere


Real NameRole


VCT 2022 Team
cNedMehmet Yağız İpekPlayerTurkishAcend
SUYGETSUDmitry IlyushinPlayerRussianFunPlus Phoenix
ShaoAndrey KiprskyPlayerRussian

FunPlus Phoenix

ZyppanPontus EekPlayerSwedishFunPlus Phoenix


Kyrylo KarasovPlayer / IGLUkrainianFunPlus Phoenix
d00mbr0sOliwer FahlanderHead CoachSwedishFunPlus Phoenix
LATEKSErik SandgrenAssistant CoachSwedishGiants

Natus Vincere has become the former FunPlus Phoenix roster, except Ardis "ardiss" Svarenieks, who is now with This roster has already accomplished a lot, such as winning VCT Copenhagen, placing fourth in VCT Champions 2022, and performing superbly in EMEA Challengers 2022. If you're looking for a team to bet on, well, there you have it.

Team Liquid

Team liquid omega
A true all-star team. | © Team Liquid


Real NameRole


VCT 2022 Team
RedgarIgor VlasovPlayer / IGLRussian

M3 Champions (aka Gambit Esports)

nAtsAyaz AkhmetshinPlayerRussianM3 Champions (aka Gambit Esports)
soulcasDom SulcasPlayerBritish

Team Liquid

JamppiElias OlkkonenPlayer


Team Liquid

dimasickDmitriy MatvienkoPlayerKazakhTeam Liquid
SayfSaif JibraeelPlayerSwedishGuild Esports
eMILEmil SandgrenHead Coach


Guild X / Team Liquid
7TeenTanner CurtisPerformance CoachAmericanTeam Liquid
Bacon9Jake LloydStrategic CoachBritishTeam Liquid

And there we have another all-star roster with former Team Liquid members and ex-M3 Champions/Gambit Esports players in place of ScreaM and Nivera. While losing the 'headshot brothers' is a shame, nAts and Redgar are surely up to the challenge. Especially Redgar is a valuable addition, as he brings much IGL experience to the table; something that Team Liquid have been missing out on in recent months. Plus, the team has Sayf, a gifted player formerly of the Guild Esports roster, who will likely take on the Duelist role.

100 Thieves

100t cryo
Will they rule with Cryo? | © 100 Thieves
Real NameNicknameRoleVCT 2022 Team
Brenden McGrathstellarPlayer / IGLSoaR / 100 Thieves
Peter MazurykAsunaPlayer100 Thieves
Derrek HaDerrekPlayerRise / 100 Thieves
Matthew PanganibanCryocellsPlayer


Sean BezerrabangPlayerTSM / 100 Thieves
Michael HockomMikesHead Coach100 Thieves (Assistant Coach)
James MacaulayJamezIRLAssistant CoachCloud9

100 Thieves' roster will be pretty much the same team that battled their way to the Valorant Champions through the Last Chance Qualifiers in the latter part of 2022. The only switch is the addition of Cryocells, who was formerly a part of XSET in 2022, and is admired as one of the superior players from the North American region and maybe even globally. This formation certainly looks encouraging, and we can't wait to watch them go up against all the other top-tier teams.


Fnatic boaster omega
They are hungry for a major win. | © Riot Games


Real NameRoleNationalityVCT 2022 Team
BoasterJake HowlettPlayer / IGL



DerkeNikita SirmitevPlayerFinnishFnatic
LeoLeo JannessonPlayerSwedishGuild Esports


Timofey KhromovPlayerRussianM3 Champions (aka Gambit Esports)
AlfajerEmir Ali BederPlayerTurkish

Surreal Esports / Fnatic

kamykMaks RychlewskiPlayerPolishUCAM Esports Club
miniJacob HarrisHead CoachBritishFnatic

Fnatic has been a powerhouse in Valorant since the start, pouring its resources into achieving the top results. Their 2023 VCT lineup is one of the finest in the EMEA region, with players of exceptional skill and experience. Having previously contended in major tournaments, they have an edge that could take them all the way. Despite having a pretty successful year, Fnatic remains hungry for victory, having not yet won a Masters tournament.

VCT LOCK//IN Omega Bracket: Opening Matches Schedule

Want to watch these teams in action? Check out the official schedule for the VCT LOCK//IN Omega Bracket:

Team Liquid vs Team SecretFebruary 22, 06:00 PM CET
Natus Vincere vs KRÜ Esports

February 22, 09:00 PM CET

ZETA Division vs LeviatánFebruary 23, 12:00 AM CET
Team Vitality vs Global EsportsFebruary 23, 06:00 PM CET
FUT Esports vs Rex Regum QeonFebruary 23, 09:00 PM CET
100 Thieves vs EDward GamingFebruary 24, 12:00 AM CET
Sentinels vs Fnatic

February 24, 06:00 PM CET


February 24, 09:00 PM CET

Are you looking forward to any specific match? Like, other than Sentinels vs Fnatic? If so, let us know on our social media profiles (Facebook / Instagram) and let's have a chat!

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