Valorant Pro City Explained - What It Is & How To Check Rank

Valorant ranked, like other first-person shooters, is filled with cheaters, throwers, and more, forcing pros to create an exclusive queue.

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Valorant Pro City can't be accesed by everyone. I ©Riot Games

The problems of Valorant ranked have been well documented for years at this point. The MMR system seems flawed, there is seemingly a plethora of cheaters, throwers, griefing, win-trading, toxic behavior. So on and so forth.

Naturally, at the highest level of play, it's easy to get fed up with all these issues, since Valorant aspiring and full-time pros, as well as content creators, are looking for an entertaining and, more importantly, challenging environment to hone their craft.

Well, as it turns out, one of the most popular Valorant streamers on Twitch, Tarik, has come up with a solution for pros and high ELO grinders: Valorant Pro City.

What Is Valorant Pro City?

Valorant Pro City is nothing more than an exclusive community composed of professional players and those at high enough rank that wish to participate in 5v5 custom games with a separate ELO system.

As mentioned, the server was created by Sentinels' Tarik as a way for pros, content creators, and those good enough to be a part of it to keep grinding without the issues that are plaguing Valorant ranked at the moment.

How To Join Valorant Pro City

Sadly, joining Pro City isn't for everyone, not even those at a high enough ELO to try and get a spot on the server. Tarik mentioned back in January:

Sorry that I can’t be inclusive to everyone, but it’s the only way that it’ll work.

Valorant Pro City Leaderboard

You can check who's currently sitting as mayor of Valorant Pro City via NeatQueue, the website utilized to determine who's coming out on top. You can filter by month, MMR, games played, wins, and losses.

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