Valorant - Where Is Agent 22 Gekko From?

Gekko seems like a stylish, hip, new Agent that certainly has more in common with Jett or Neon than with Reyna, despite seemingly having a close relationship with the latter.

Revelation gekko
Gekko looks so cool. I ©Riot Games

It's been a long time coming but we finally got to see what Valorant Agent 22, Gekko, is like!

A slick, hip, young man that looks so incredibly fun to play with plenty of interesting ways to shake the meta up, including the ability to remotely plant or defuse the Spike (you can check out his entire toolkit in this dedicated article right here)

Fans know that Valorant Agents are an eclectic bunch of people, stemming from different backgrounds and nationalities that give the story a nice sense of grandiosity and it helps players around the world feel represented in-game.

With all that said, there's one question in their minds: where is Gekko from?

Where Does Agent 22 Gekko Live?

If you paid attention to the trailer, certain things might seem apparent to you. First off, it's clear Gekko has a relationship of the friendly kind with Reyna, the complete opposite in terms of personality.

Now, the description of the video does confirm something, and that's Gekko's nationality: he was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. That's right, Gekko is an American Valorant Agent.

Of course, LA is heavily influenced by Latin American culture, particularly hailing from Mexico, and it's clear Gekko's got a bit of Mexican in him despite being a Californian born and raised.


So there you have it! We'll have plenty of more information regarding Gekko and further Agents later down the line! Are you excited to try out this sleek new Sentinel when it releases at the start of Episode 6 Act 2?

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