Valorant Agent 22 Gekko - Leaks, Release Date & More

Now that Riot Games mentioned how many Valorant Agents would be released in 2023, they're teasing the next one down the line.

Untitled design 28
The Agent 22 design has leaked! I ©Riot Games

Following the release of Harbor, a somewhat underwhelming new Controller that didn't make waves (no pun intended) as Riot had initially hoped, it seems the developers are gearing toward the reveal of another Agent.

If you've missed the recent state of the Agents video, Riot Games confirmed a total of three new Agents will be released throughout the year: a Sentinel, an Initiator, and one more whose role has yet to be revealed.

Who Is Agent 22?

Agent 22
Agent 22 is an 'eclectic' character. I © Riot Games

In that same clip, Character Producer John Goscicki confirmed that Agent 22 will have an "eclectic" way of dealing with things:

New ways to check corners, get onto locations, plant the spike. The battlefield will be a super stressful place.

He went on to use Fade's character as an example of what Agent 22 isn't, implying that they'll be a much more relaxed Agent in terms of personality and that could be reflected in the way their abilities end up working.

Agent 22 Gekko - Abilities

We finally got our first official trailer via Riot Games, but also a first look at Gekko's abilities! It's an impressive looking Initiator that even has an ability that lets him plant spike remotely!

Check it all out in our dedicated breakdown article right here.

Agent 22 - Leaks & Release Date

Oh man, we've had so many leaks regarding Agent 22 is hard to keep track of. First off, first and foremost let's start with the fact that his name got leaked, as well as his role: he's called Gekko and will be a new Initiator.

Another leak, which you can see at the top of the article, is a first (and somewhat low quality) look at what Gekko looks like, courtesy of non-other than ValorLeaks.


The Agent is set to have an official release during the LOCK//IN Grand Finals, so if you want a first proper look at Gekko, be sure to tune in!

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