Valorant Agent 22 Gekko - All Abilities

After much anticipation, teasing, and sadly, leaks, Gekko has been finally officially unveiled by Riot Games.

Revelation gekko
A very cool looking Initiator. I © Riot Games

The time has finally come! After plenty of teases and leaks that spoiled the fun, Agent 22 has been officially revealed by Riot Games - and yes, his name is Gekko, and is an Initiator.

The first trailer dropped right before the VCT LOCK//IN Grand Finals between Fnatic and LOUD, presenting Gekko as a new Latino Agent with a more chill vibe than Reyna, however, it's clear they both share a history together as they're presented as two old friends reuniting as Valorant agents.

You can watch the trailer down below:

Of course, what people really want to know are his abilities. Lo and behold, ValorLeaks has once again come up with the goods, showcasing every single one of them.

Let's take a look!

Valorant Agent 22 Gekko Ability Breakdown

Gekko is an Initiator like we've never seen before, and we're not overselling it. Sure, he has some classic stuff such as mollies to zone out or defend areas, but his signature abilities revolve around his little gooey, cuddly-looking friends, which the game refers as Wingman.

You don't believe us? Well, what if we told you his Wingman can plant for him? Interested now? Check all his abilities down below!

Mosh Pit

FIRE to throw Mosh like a grenade or ALT Fire to throw underhand. After landing, Mosh Duplicates across an area and explodes after a short delay.

Wingman (Q)

FIRE to send Wingman forward looking for enemies. If an enemy is found, Wingman fires a concussive blast in a triangular shape to the first enemy seen.

ALT FIRE when looking at Site or Planted Spike to Plant (You must have the spike) or Defuse the Spike. Wingman can be destroyed by other players while planting or defusing the spike.

When Wingman Expires, he turns into a glob which can be picked up to be used again after a short cooldown.

Dizzy (E)

FIRE to send Dizzy forward into the air. Dizzy charges up and sends out beams at enemies in their line of sight. When enemies are hit, they are blinded.

When Dizzy Expires, they turn into a glob which can be picked up to be used again after a short cooldown.

Thrash (X)

FIRE to control & link with Thrash to steer her. FIRE while in the Ultimate to lunge forward and explode, detaining any enemies within their radius.

When Thrash Expires, she turns into a glob which can be picked up to be used again after a short cooldown. Thrash can only be reclaimed ONCE.

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