Valorant Patch 6.10: New Spray Wheel, Agent Changes & More

Patch 6.10 will bring some much-needed Quality of Life updates, including a new Spray Wheel option.

Valorant patch notes
6.10 is coming soon. I ©Riot Games

We all love a good Valorant patch and update 6.10 promises some nice quality-of-life improvements as well as some small Agent changes to spice up the experience.

If you've missed out on patch 6.09, don't worry, Riot Games didn't forget about it, they announced it would only be a small in-house update to help the game engine prepare for Episode 7.

With patch 6.10, Riot will introduce a new way for players to customize their spray usage with a new spray wheel and a better UI for you to check out your cosmetics!

Valorant 6.10 Patch Notes

At the time of writing, these notes are taken from the Valorant 6.10 PBE update. Some things might differ from the final patch and of course, more will certainly be added.


Spray Wheel, Collections Rework, Spray Equip Flow Improvements

  • Added an in-game Spray Wheel, which can be activated by holding your chosen Spray Keybind.
  • Retained Quick Spray functionality by tapping your chosen Spray Keybind. This will use the Spray located at the top slot of your wheel.
  • Added new equip flow for the Spray Wheel located in the Collections Page.
  • Replaced the Spray Carousel with a Grid that can be searched, filtered, and sorted by Favorites.
  • Added an audio queue and visible timer to indicate cooldowns on the Spray Wheel.
  • Added an “Empty Spray” to allow a user to empty their Wheel or keybind.
  • Added a text and image to indicate pre- or post-round only sprays.
  • Added settings to the Settings page under Controls -> Equipment to better customize your spraying experience
  • This includes a sensitivity slider, the ability to turn off the wheel entirely, and separate the keybinds.
  • Removed the “wall” texture to display Sprays on the Spray Screen.


Gekko valo
Time for changes. I © Riot Games

  • Updated the size of Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (E) and Orbital Strike (X) targeting reticles so that they match their size before the update that shipped in patch 6.08.
  • Removed the mouse cursor that was displayed on Brimstone's Sky Smoke (E) and Orbital Strike (X), and Omen's From the Shadows (X).
  • Updated Fade’s in-game portrait for better gameplay readability and quality consistency.
  • Updated Harbor’s in-game portrait for better gameplay readability and quality consistency.
  • Updated some Agent portraits to be higher resolution.
  • Added new Reyna Voiceover Lines.


  • Fixed an issue where Yoru’s Fakeout (C) would min flash players that were outside of its conal range of effect.
  • Fixed issue that was causing a slight delay between sources of concussion hitting players and the actual effects of the debuff being applied.
  • Fixed a bug where Yoru’s Fakeout echo would sometimes not have a weapon equipped
  • The weapon that Yoru’s Fakeout echo equips should now use a more accurate weapon skin.
  • Killjoy spent some time in the workshop hammering out bugs that were causing her Turret to aim at the ground. (Fixed in Patch 6.09)


Spray Wheel

  • The Spray Wheel can be called in the Range, however, you can’t spray in the Range. We’ve never been able to spray in the Range, so this isn’t a change, but the wheel is sending mixed signals. We’ll fix this in a future patch.
  • In Arabic, there’s a slight overlap between the Spray Title and “Pre/Post Round” Informational text on the Spray Screen.
  • Zooming in on Sprays in the Collections tab puts the Spray over the Title text instead of behind it like it was in the previous Collections page.

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