Valorant Patch 6.09 Will Be An Internal Game Engine Update

If you're wondering why we didn't get a patch on May 9, the answer is: we did, just a different kind of update.

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No patch 6.09 for fans. I ©Riot Games

Riot Games has a dedicated schedule for patches and rarely plans updates outside the designated timeframes. When that happens, the devs usually communicate with Valorant players to keep them in the loop.

On May 9, Valorant patch 6.09 was supposed to release, however, fans noticed a lack of information days prior to it, with speculation that it could be delayed.

As it turns out, patch Valorant 6.09 patch was not delayed but rather, refocused to bring the developers themselves time to upgrade the game engine as they prepare it for the impending Episode 7 release.

Valorant Patch 6.09 To Update Game Engine

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Will we see a more stable game? I ©Riot Games

Announced via social media, Riot Games explained that patch 6.09, which was released on May 9, would remain as an internal update to help developers give the game engine a bit of a makeover.

Riot wrote via Twitter:

Hey everyone, Patch 6.09 will be an internal game engine update. We're gonna test plenty and stabilize before shipping it to you—but rest assured that our normal patch cadence will continue with Patch 6.10 shipping on May 23, 2023.

A cute little breach image was also attached, presumably to soften the blow of getting no regular patch. And you know what, we dig it.

When Is The Next Valorant Patch Coming?

As Riot Games explained, the patch cadence won't see any changes. That means that they'll continue rolling updates every two weeks.

In this case, the next major patch is scheduled to hit on May 23. Hopefully, it'll bring some agent balance changes to spice up the current meta, don't you agree?


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