Valorant 2023 PBE Schedule

Riot Games is very transparent when it comes to update cycles and they've made some changes to the Valorant PBE schedule.

We know when we can expect the next updates. I ©Riot Games

We all love to get exclusive sneak peeks when it comes to upcoming Valorant content, right? Well, the PBE, or Public Beta Environment!

We'll keep it short, but in essence, the PBE is a special server where Riot pushes from small updates that they're trying to test before the make it to the live servers to more radical changes while trying to adjust certain things within Valorant.

We have all information you need to know regarding how to opt-in for access to the PBE, you can check it right here. This time, though, we have a more clear look at the release calendar for PBE updates.

Valorant PBE 2023 Schedule

Usually, PBE updates show up on Fridays at 4 PM PDT and remain on the game until the following Monday at 11 AM PDT, as Riot prepares for the usual Tuesday patch day as part of their update cycle.

Now, that won't be changing, but instead of trying to make educated guesses as to when can we expect PBE updates, we now know for certain.

These are the following dates where we'll get a PBE update:

  • Patch 6.10: May 12
  • Patch 6.11: May 25
  • Patch 7.00: June 23
  • Patch 7.02: July 14
  • Patch 7.03: July 28

This calendar also basically confirms that Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 will start on June 27, considering the PBE for patch 7.0 will be dropping just a few days before.

As always, do keep in mind these dates are set to change at Riot's discretion, in which case we'll be updating the article accordingly.


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