Valorant Mobile Files Spotted In Upcoming PBE Update

Valorant Mobile is slowly approaching and it seems some files are being added to the Valorant PBE with an upcoming patch.

Valorant Mobile is coming! I © Riot Games

We've covered Valorant Mobile plenty in the past, with long-standing rumors of a beta coming at some point in our lifetimes. Now, we may finally have some actual concrete information regarding a possible beta!

That's because according to reliable dataminers, some Valorant Mobile files have been added to the Valorant Public Beta Environment Patch, which could start rolling out with the 6.06 update.

Valorant Mobile Beta Coming Soon?

According to ValorLeaks, we might be hearing news from a Valorant Mobile beta in the coming months as Riot Games will finally get preparations underway for the release of the mobile version of their tactical shooter.

That's some great news after Riot Games themselves stated in a recent developer update that progress on the development of Valorant Mobile and other versions, including a potential console release, is going slower than previously anticipated.

ValorLeaks also showcased an image of how the layout for Valorant Mobile will look like. After being asked if it could be customized, their answer was yes.

Do note that this is just a development asset for reference, and even then, it's an old picture. In any case, you can check it out down below.

So there you have it. As always, stick around ValorFeed to get to know more about upcoming Valorant Mobile news as we're, hopefully, inching closer to an official reveal, a potential beta testing period, and finally, the full release of the game.


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