Valorant Power Couple TenZ and Kyedae Win Big at The Streamer Awards

The Streamer Awards is a community-driven annual awards show run by QTCinderella, that awards streamers where they are due. There were multiple nominations from Valorant personalities, and the most notable one was this power couple.

The tough competition didn't stop our boy from being the best gamer amongst the streamers | © @TheStreamerAwards

The Streamer Awards

Hosted by "QTCinderella", this awards show has been the topic of conversation among streamers these days. The awards are split into categories, and each has 5 nominee's of which one will be the winner of the given award.

The winners are chosen through a voting process done on their official website. TenZ and Kyedae weren't the only Valorant personas nominated, but them bagging the gold sure hit the spotlight.

TenZ Wins The Gamer of The Year Award

Gamer of the Year was a much-contested award, having multiple powerhouse nominees next to TenZ.

Nominees for this award were:

  • Tarik
  • Aceu
  • iiTzTimmy
  • TenZ (W)

Apart from Aceu, the other 3 nominees are actively playing and streaming Valorant, so this can be counted as W for the Valorant Community.

This award was to be given to the best-performing streamer with extraordinary gaming abilities that has shown immense skill over the last year. TenZ has shown all of these both on and off-stream while we were watching his stream and also competitively play his heart out on Valorant.

Kyedae Is The Best Valorant Streamer

This award goes to the most influential but also loving streamer of our favorite game.

Nominees for this award were:

  • Tarik
  • ShahZam
  • QuarterJade
  • Kyedae (W)

Having been Diagnosed With Leukemia, spirits probably weren't so high for Kaede, and this award is a much-deserved one. But that's not what she thought, and she dreaded receiving the award.

Kyedae is known for her honesty and being humble, and that personality was shown on this award show. In the tweet below she honestly said that she doesn't feel like she deserved this fan-voted award and that Tarik is the one that deserved it more than anyone else.

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The community loves her, and that's a fact. After the award was announced most social media's stormed that Tarik is by far the most-watched streamer on Valorant and that this award was biased. Those are just opinions, and the bigger part of the community will agree with the tweet from Tarik below.

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