Valorant Agent 21 Leaks Reportedly Fake

Exciting was palpable in the air after we got our first unofficial look at the upcoming Valorant Agent. Sadly, it seems it was all for naught.

Fade's follow-up Agent still seems to be under wraps. | © Riot Games

If you were excited by the concept of a water-based "mage" making its way to Valorant you might want to hold your horses as a TikTok user claims he "trolled the entire community" by coming up with the concept themselves.

In a video that now has 340k views and 50k likes, the creator explains that it all started with a mage concept, taking it a step farther than originally intended.

According to the creator, he decided to post it on the official Valorant Reddit just to see what kind of impact the edit would have - turns out, it was massive, garnering over half a million views in 48 hours with a 97% upvote rate.

I started with creating icons for Mage (...) I made a template of where the abilities go, I used Cypher, photoshopped the abilities, find the right font for the text, I reworded the text from other Agents, put in the icons. Finally, I covered Cypher's icon and arms.

The video itself seems credible enough, but you can see it for yourself down below - is it the real deal or just farming impressions during an exciting time for Valorant fans?


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Regardless, with Riot Games confirming we won't have a new Agent during Episode 5 Act 2, it'll still be months before we get any official information regarding any upcoming characters.

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