Valorant Agent 21 Mage: Abilities Leaked

So, there we have it – another leak for the upcoming Valorant Agent, which is supposed to be an addition to the Controller class. Let's see what we can expect!

Agent mage
Are you ready for the new Mage Agent? | © Riot Games

The last Agent we got (Fade for the Initiator class) is absolutely rocking the ranked ladder right now. As it turns out, we'll probably get another Agent right after Valorant Champions, probably for a Controller class. And we just got a list of all his abilities!

All Valorant Agent Mage Abilities

Valorant New Agent Leaked Abilities 2
All Valorant Agent Mage abilities on a screenshot | © Riot Games

Just like with Fade, the leak we got is an in-game screenshot; however, this time, we can't see an Agent model. Still, the abilities are pretty interesting, and are sort of a confirmation that the new Agent will belong to a Controller class. Here they are:

Default KeyAbility NameDescriptionCost
CVision TakerEQUIP a distortion wall launcher. FIRE to create a small line of distortion. Enemies will get briefly blinded if they walk through200
QTartarus PitEQUIP a Tartarus charger. FIRE to launch a shot that deals some damage and slows players within its zone200
EBubbleEQUIP bubble and enter into a phased state to place down a bubble by pressing the ability key. Activate to create an impenetrable bubble. Bullets cannot pass throughFree (Signature Ability)
XGolemEQUIP the Golem doll. Fire to throw down. All teammates will get a regeneration buff, and enemies will get decay debuff. Lasts for a duration or until destroyed by enemiesTBA

So, it looks like we will get a water-based mage Controller Agent. What do you think about all these abilities? Be sure to let us know on our social media profiles where we also cover all the latest Valorant news (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)