You Can Now Play As Jett In Super Smash Bros

The Smash Bros modding community has created an incredible crossover with Valorant featuring the game's iconic Agent Jett!

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Dash into your enemies as Jett in Smash Bros. I © Riot Games

To anyone in the know, it's no surprise that the Smash Bros community has some dedicated modders, an entirely new and beloved game came out of it - Project M! A mod that allowed Smash Bros Brawl, the third entry in the series, to play more like Melee, the iconic GameCube title.

While Smash Ultimate made the dreams of millions of fans across the world come true with its crossover characters such as Joker from Persona and Sora from Kingdom Hearts joining the likes of Mario, Luigi, Mega Man, and Snake, there were still plenty of unrepresented franchises - including, and perhaps naturally, Valorant.

Valorant wasn't really a household name back when the Smash Ultimate dev team was trying to figure out who'd join the roster. If anything, had they considered a Riot Games character it would've most likely been a League of Legends Champion - anyhow if you've ever wondered what a Valorant Agent would look in Smash, the incredible Melee modder Lazlo has added Jett as a skin to the game!

Melee is unquestionable the most technical Smash game there is, and adding Jett makes perfect sense considering she's one of the most mechanically demanding Agents in the tactical FPS. Lazlo has added the Korean Duelist as a skin for Sheik, Zelda's alter-ego who's also a playable character.

What makes this mod perfect, on top of the amazing textures, is the fact that Sheik fits Jett perfectly - they're both agile, fast, and can move across the stage seamlessly. Furthermore, Sheik has projectiles called needles, which resemble Jett's knives.

If you are interested in the slightest, consider checking out how to set up Melee on your PC and of course, how to install mods on it.

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