What Is ACS In Valorant

KDA isn't the only determinant on which your RR gain or loss will be based. This article will discuss the Average Combat Score and how to make it bigger.

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What Does ACS Mean In Valorant

Average Combat Score, often abbreviated as ACS is a post-game stat that reflects a player's overall performance in the game, but also influences the Rank Rating that you gain or lose.

ACS is consisted of:

  • Agent Damage
  • Kills
  • Multi kills
  • NON-Damaging Assists
  • Round Scores

Agent Damage

The first factor is Damage. The formula is 1 damage = 1 ACS point and is pretty straightforward. Any damage you make during a particular round will be translated into ACS points, regardless of whether you made the kill or not, or if the target survived. Damage is accounted for together with the shield damage. Meaning that if you do 100 + 50 Shield Damage to the target, you will receive 150 ACS for that particular situation.

Combat Score Val
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Kills have a more complicated way of calculating. You get points for every kill that you make, and the amount of points you receive depends on how many enemies are alive at the given moment.

This is what it looks like:

  • If 5 enemies are alive you receive - 150 ACS
  • If 4 enemies are alive you receive - 130 ACS
  • If 3 enemies are alive you receive - 110 ACS
  • If 2 enemies are alive you receive - 90 ACS
  • If 1 enemy is alive you receive - 70 ACS

The more enemies are alive, the more points you will get. On top of that, if you manage to make multiple kills in a round, you will receive 50 points as a multi-kill bonus per every kill in the round.

Event Log Val
In the Event Log ( Timeline ) you can see in which order the kills were done in a round | © Riot Games

Example: You've stopped their initial push on A site and killed 3 enemies one after another. You will receive 150 + 130 + 110 points for the kills, 100 for the multi-kill bonus, and 300 points for the damage done if the enemies had no shields on them.

Non-Damaging Assists

You're probably wondering how an assist can be done without doing damage. NDA or Non-Damaging Assists is the final stat to ACS and can be achieved by using abilities that will aid your teammate in executing a kill.

Here are some ability examples:

  • Sova's Recon Bolt - upon revealing an enemy
  • Brim's Steam Beacon - upon buffing the ally
  • Fade's Nightfall - upon marking the enemies
  • Phoenix's Curveball - upon flashing the enemies

Round Score vs Average Combat Score

Time Line Val
Timeline Statistics for a Round / Score = Round Score | © Riot Games

Since we've learned every element of the Round Score, it's time to explain it in detail. Round Score compared to the Average Combat Score is the individual score of a player for a given round. Its formula is calculated as Damage + Kills + Multi kill Bonus + Non-Damaging Assists.

Example: Phoenix did the first three kills in a round, and helped the others kill the remaining two by flashing them. Phoenix will have 390 points from kills, 450 from damage, 100 from the multi-kill bonus, and 50 for the NDAs. This results in Phoenix having a whooping 990 Round Score for that particular round.

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As the game goes by your Round Scores will be different, and sometimes you might not even have any. The Average Combat Score will gather up all the Round Scores you've had in the rounds, and divide them by the number of total rounds in the game.

The result will be the ACS shown in the Scoreboard stats on the post-game screen. The Average Combat Score merely measures your performance in the game, and hence, has a say in the determination of how much Rank Rating you will gain or lose for the match. It's not the only one as there are a ton of factors influencing the final result but has a big enough grip to be worthy of an article.

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