When Is The Fracture Rework Coming Out?

With Fracture released over a year ago, the Valorant dev team will be adding some "quality of life" changes to the map.

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Fracture has been a polarizing map since its arrival. I | © Riot Games

Fracture wasn't everyone's cup of tea when the map was released over a year ago in September 2021. A drastically different level design compared to previous maps, it seemed too restrictive and generally annoying to engage with, especially if you were on the attacking side trying to crack down on defensive setups with little to no wiggle room.

That could potentially change in the near future, however, as Valorant maps and modes design lead Joe Lansford confirmed that the team is working on some changes for Fracture, including specific changes to certain portions of the map to make them "more defensible" and general "quality of life changes."

Landsford explained via TikTok (yes you read that right):

We're working on a couple of changes right now. The high-level theme is some general quality-of-life changes across the board and hopefully, make A site a little more defensible - maybe some changes around Dish to make that area a little more usable for both teams.

Dish is perhaps the area of the map that best exemplifies what people hate about Fracture the most. While the idea of being able to pinch defenders from multiple angles is interesting in practice, the execution leaves much room for improvement - players can't drop down from Dish to site without having to invest a massive amount of resources.

Sure that doesn't sound all too different from other choke points, but considering that it seems intentionally designed to avoid lurking due to the fact that you'll be dropping straight into the middle of the site with no cover, coordination is required to execute an entry perfectly with those coming from A Main or Hall.

This isn't even taking into account what happens when a site is completely anchored by a Sentinel like Killjoy or a Controller like Viper. Dropping down from a smoke will almost lead to you probably wondering why you're team is so slow to enter site.

When Is The Fracture Rework Coming Out

At the time of writing, we're unsure when we can expect the reworked Fracture to be ready for play. Don't expect it to happen in a near-future update, however, as Riot will most likely showcase exactly what's new with the map before even putting it on the PBE.

In any case, you can rest assured we'll keep you updated.

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