Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Will Not Feature New Agent

With Episode 5 Act 2 right around the corner, fans were expecting to see the latest Agent make their debut, with leaks confirming no new character will drop.

Fade was the last Agent added to the game. I © Riot Games

It's been quite a few patches since the launch of Valorant's latest Agent, Fade. The Initiator joined the game with patch 4.08 and the start of Episode 4 Act 3 all the way back in April.

Almost four months later fans keep craving new content, which will not be coming with the launch of Episode 5 Act 2. Reliable leakers such as ValorLeaks confirmed that a new Agent won't be coming out in the near future, meaning fans will have to wait a few more months for Act 3 to possibly see the next character be unveiled and launched.

While yes, Episode 5 Act 2 will launch with plenty of content including a new Battle Pass, Valorant Champions-themed premium bundles, and free cosmetics, no new Agent seems to be in sight.

When Does Valorant Episode 5 Act 3 Start?

Well, we got bad news for you, since Act 2 is just getting started it'll be at least three months without a new Agent. It is possible, though highly unlikely that Riot Games decides to release a new Agent before that time period.

Both Skye and Chamber have been released within weeks after an Act has started - sadly, as you can see, they're the exceptions to the rule with the likes of Astra, Yoru, Fade, Killjoy, and more launching alongside a new Act or even Episode.

Don't feel too bad, that'll give you extra time to maybe learn an already existing character you've always wanted to try!

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