How To Find Players In Valorant? LFG, Best Discord Servers, More

Queuing in a party is a great way to rank up in Valorant, we show you how to find a group of players that can help you dominate matches.

Valorant group
Getting a good group of players will help you rank up in Valorant. | © EarlyGame

Solo queueing in Valorant can be a frustrating experience. You will frequently run into griefers, toxicity, poor team compositions, AFKers, those already in parties and not communicating with those outside it, and that is just scratching the surface. The point being, if you are serious about ranking up in Valorant, you need to get yourself a decent group of players who you can regularly play with in 3-,4- and 5- stacks.

However, getting a group of like-minded players together isn't always easy, so if you are looking for group (LFG) for Valorant then you have come to the right place as this guide will show you where to look, how to behave yourself, and some tips and tricks for ranking up.

Let's do this.

Where To Find A Group In Valorant

When looking for a group of players in Valorant there are two or three main ways you can go about it.

One of the best ways is to make friends in the game. Found someone you particularly jelled with in a ranked match? Send them a friend request and continue with the good vibes. This is a great way to build up an organic network of players who a) play in your timezone/server and b) you know you get along with.

But if it isn't working through the game then you need to look elsewhere and that is when dedicated LFG platforms can help you out. There are countless Discord servers and some dedicated apps designed for particularly this reason. The issue with the dedicated apps like Guilded, eFuse, or WeGamers, is that they usually support countless games and are available worldwide and before you know it, there are very few people to connect and play with.

So with that being said, we suggest heading to the best Valorant Discord servers to find your group. Discord servers are obviously integral to the gaming community and their use is near ubiquitous meaning you get a much larger population of players. There are also hundreds (thousands?) of active LFG communities dedicated solely to Valorant and even one opened in collaboration with Riot Games, so, finding one that has players in your rank and that you gel with is very easy.

Here are the best LFG Valorant Discord servers we could find that serve North America and Europe though many other regions are catered for by these servers too.

Best Valorant Discord Servers

Valorant LFG

This Riot-backed LFG server caters to the European and North American scenes with dedicated sections for casual, competitive and even scrims. You can link your Valorant account so finding the appropriate players is even easier. Over 500K+ members.


Sections for EU, NAE, NAW, SA, OCE and with over 57K+ members.

Hiko Homies

The Discord home of 100 Thieves player-turned-content creator Spencer 'Hiko' Martin. 5K+ predominately NA based players with an active LFG section.

LFG Vocabulary

There are a number of terms you will see when LFG in Valorant (or any multiplayer game). Here are some of the common ones:

  • LFG - Looking for a group, for example, "LFG Plat 1 EU" which means looking for a group of platinum 1 players in an EU server.
  • LF(Number) - When it reads "LF1", for example, that means they are looking for one more player to round out their group. You may see something like, "LF2 Gold 2 NAW" which would indicate they are looking for two players in Gold 2 in the North American West servers.
  • LFS - Looking for solo.
  • Rank - Self-explanatory, you are being asked for your rank in-game. The best thing to do is have your Valorant stats from ready to send over.
  • Role - Detail the role in the team you are looking to take: Initiator, Duelist, etc.
  • IGL - In-game leader

How To Play In A Group

Playing in a group should be easy but there are a few things to consider. It is best to nominate someone as IGL and make clear what each person's role in the group will be. These roles will obviously change, from map to map, and even round to round but this is what is so enjoyable about playing in a group as these are the building blocks of great teams.

Valorant csgo
Playing Valorant with a tight-knit group is the real experience. | © Riot Games

It is also worth noting, you should look for people with a similar competitive temperant to you. It is all well and good if you are friends when you are winning but how do you react when losing? Is smack talk okay? Is criticism allowed? It is best to find out before, or your group won't last very long. Another thing to consider is when do people play and how often? Some may be weekend warriors while others are daily grinders. Again, knowing when your chosen group is playing is great for team synergy.

All-in-all, the best advice is to have fun. Try and get as many people as you can on your friends' list and then you will have a group for any occasion or mood.

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