Who Is Valorant Agent 8? Lore, Leaks, Identity & More

Valorant Agent 8 is a mystery at the heart of Riot Games' tactical shooter. Who are they and when will they appear? We tell you everything there is to know.

Valorant episode 4 banner
Who is Agent 8? We bring together every leak, teaser, and fan theory to try and work it out. | © Riot Games

Valorant's lore is continually expanding and we are continually learning more and more about the Valorant PROTOCOL, their rivals the Kingdom, and the First Light and the Mirror Earth. But while we are learning more there is still one major mystery at the heart of Valorant and that is: who is Agent 8?

Now, if you are unaware, all of Valorant's Agents are given a number; these numbers are largely sequential, at least since the release of Killjoy (Agent 4 in v1.05). The numbers go from 1, which is Brimstone, all the way to 20, which is the most recent addition, Fade. These numbers are Valorant canon too, and referenced in trailers, in-game, and on the official Valorant website.

However, while we are currently at Agent 20, we only have 19 Agents in the game,meaning someone is missing and that someone is Agent 8.

But who is Valorant's Agent 8? And will they ever join the roster of playable Agents? We look to answer those questions.

Who Is Valorant's Agent 8?

There is no doubt of Agent 8's existence but there have been very few details about who or what they are, and it is only now with Episode 4 that their story is beginning to emerge.

That is all thanks to the Episode 4 trailer and a short scene that saw Pheonix, a member of the PROTOCOL, standing at a row of lockers. Conspicuously, a locker with the number 8 can be seen, but the number has been scratched off. Is this a hint that Agent 8 was once a member of the PROTOCOL and then left? Or worse yet, they met their demise.

Phoenix Agent 8
Agent 8's first "appearance" was in the Episode 4 trailer. | © Riot Games

The basis for this theory is pretty solid, as Pheonix goes ahead and opens up locker 9. Of course, in Valorant lore, Pheonix is Agent 9.

More clues to what happened to Agent 8 were also theorized after the discovery of a player card in the Episode 4 Act 1 battle pass.

Check out the full Episode 4 cinematic "Warm Up" below.

Does Player Card 48 Show Agent 8's Resurrection?

Episode 4 Act 1 had yet another teaser for Agent 8 - well, maybe. Let us explain.

Valorant's battle passes have often contained teasers for future Agents and maps. These are often centered around the player cards, for example, in Episode 1 Act 1, and Act 2 we got clear and obvious teasers for Killjoy and Skye who were yet to enter the game but did soon after.

Because of Agent 8's "appearance" in the Episode 4 trailer, many scoured the opening season's battle pass for clues and found something in the player card unlocked at tier 48 that featured Sage using her ultimate ability - Resurrection. Of course, Sage had long been a part of the game at this point and it obviously doesn't point to any particular map... but could this in fact be the resurrection of Agent 8?

Sage player card
Is this Sage resurrecting Agent 8? | © Riot Games

If they are dead, and Sage does resurrect them, it points to a future where Agent 8 joins the game.

But, if they did return, what side would they be on? Agents have slipped between worlds before so could we see a future where Sage resurrects Agent 8 but instead turn out for the Kingdom? I know what you are thinking, this is all a bit of a stretch. There are a number of similar cards where Agents are using their ultimate abilities but it is fun to theorize nonetheless.

Since then, no other hints for Agent 8 have appeared - leaving us all hanging. Hopefully, we don't have to wait too long until we discover their true identity.

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