Do You Lose More RR When Surrendering in Valorant?

Surrendering the game in Valorant might seem like a quick way to end a losing game and move on to the next. However, it can actually have serious consequences.

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Should you give it up to save your time? | © Riot Games

So, you are in a hopeless Valorant ranked game with toxic teammates and want to end things as soon as possible. If this sounds familiar, you may want to know that surrendering is probably not the best option for your RR, especially if you are aiming for high ranks.

Do You Lose More RR For Surrendering?

While surrendering doesn't lose you more RR on its own, it will usually result in losing more RR than losing a full game because of how the Valorant's MMR system calculates your performance. As a surrender vote is agreed upon, the game registers it as losing all the remaining rounds. Let us explain to you how it works:

Let's say you're playing a ranked game, and you've won the first 4 rounds. However, things start to go wrong, and the opposing team starts to make a comeback; so, you decide to surrender after losing 8 rounds in a row, with the score being 4-8. After everyone agrees to surrender, the game registers it as losing all the remaining rounds, which means the final score will be 4-13 in favor of the opposing team.

Now, let's assume that if you had played until the end of the game, you might have won a few more rounds. Even when the final score would be 5-13, that would still be better for your RR!

When climbing ranked, every round won, every kill, and every Spike plant, etc., impact what happens with your RR and MMR after the game, so by surrendering, you get the lowest possible values on all of these matters.

That said, in most cases, surrendering will result in losing more rounds than you would have lost if you had continued playing, which means that you will lose more RR for surrendering like 99% of the time.

Why You Shouldn't Surrender in Valorant

Besides the fact that surrendering will backfire on your RR and MMR values, things can always turn around, especially since some maps such as Fracture or Split are super one-sided.

We know it can be painful in many cases; just imagine if you wanted to call a surrender vote, and the match ended with a 13-11 loss! Sucks, right? Well, it kind of does; at the end of the day, you just lost the game. However, as you already know from this article, playing this painful game until that point saved you tons of MMR!

With all that said, we recommend you play the games to the very end and leave the "surrender" option for really extreme cases. Like, the most extreme ones you can think of.

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