These 2 Movement Habits Are Losing Your Valorant Games

There are two things that when someone does, you can see that they have spent a great many hours in CS:GO. Unfortunately, these things can be the cause of most of your deaths in Valorant, so it's worth paying attention to them.

Valorant bad csgo habits
Just stop it and climb. | © Riot Games

Even though Valorant is pretty similar to Counter-Strike in various ways, it's not the same game. Not at all. Sure, the most important thing in both games is mastering your aiming and reaction time, but there are two common movement habits that CS:GO players do in Valorant that prevent them from improving. Like, don't get us wrong – these things will still win you a lot of games in CS:GO, but are big no-gos in Valorant. Without further ado, let's dive into what these bad movement habits are and why you should give them up at all cost.


Alright, let's start with crouching, which is a pretty normal thing to do during a gunfight in CS:GO. However, in Valorant, it's just so bad that some people are unbinding it. Most of all, it makes you an easier target to hit in the head as your character model becomes smaller, and that's already a big reason why you should give it up.

However, there are even more reasons! For example, crouching limits your movement options and makes you vulnerable in a gunfight if you don't get a kill immediately after crouching.

So, is crouching so terrible that you should unbind it? Meh, we wouldn't be so hard about it; instead, we would try to use it more sporadically, as relying on it too much can become a seriously bad habit that you will do subconsciously. Treat it as a tool you can sometimes use in a gunfight, but well, it might often kill you when used incorrectly.

Moving While Shooting

Next up, we have moving while shooting, which is a movement habit that makes you harder to hit in games like CS:GO. However, in Valorant, it can make your recoil pattern completely random, so it actually makes it harder for you to hit enemies.

Look, recoil patterns in Valorant are not very stable by default, so moving while shooting makes things very chaotic in this matter. Of course, you have to adjust your movement during gunfights, but we would recommend you to wait until you have a stable position before shooting.

Do these habits sound familiar to you? Or maybe you have any others that you have gained by playing other games? Let us know on our social media (Facebook / Instagram), and be sure to check out our Guides section, which will help you become a better player.

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