Will CS2 "Kill" Valorant? Community Reacts

The recent reveal of the free Counter-Strike 2 update might scare some Valorant fans, however, some are welcoming the competition.

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Will you try out CS2? I ©Riot Games/Valve

Watch out Valorant, Counter-Strike is coming back in a big way with the reveal of CS2, a massively updated revision of CS:GO that promises to revolutionize the tactical shooter genre.

Naturally, this could have a big impact on Valorant and its community: will a lot of players leave or return to their roots? Will Riot Games become more active when it comes to game updates?

Is CS2 Bad For Valorant?

The official Valorant subreddit had a conversation regarding the impact the new Counter-Strike 2 update could have on the community. Turns out, a lot of fans are welcoming the challenge, hoping it'll spark a healthy rivalry and devs that constantly update their game moving forward.

One user wrote:

As someone who plays both games, I love some friendly competition. Big changes to one of the largest tactical fps games will only help the community grow.

Another one, c_will, believes CS2 is a direct response to Valorant's increasing popularity, as they felt the original CS:GO was lacking in certain modern features.

I do feel though that CS2 is Valve playing catch-up to Valorant a little. CSGO was an aging product and CS2 brings a very much needed tech update to Counter-Strike, along with some UI enhancements.

It even steals a few features from Valorant, like the audio/visual feedback whenever you kill someone (although this effect in Valorant is still far superior to the one in CS2 IMO).

On the other hand, Valorant content creator was a bit more defensive of the game, claiming that if CS2 was going to kill Valorant, CS:GO would've done so already.

So what's your take? Are you worried about the future of Valorant or are you eager to try out a revamped CS:GO experience with CS2?


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