Valorant: Xbox Release Date Rumors

Valorant shouldn't be exclusive to PC only and Console players should get a taste of it as well. Recent updates at the Riot HQ might suggest it's coming quite soon.

TenZ already played Valorant on an Xbox controller | © @100ThievesValorant

Is Valorant playable on Console? - Probably yes. The reason why it didn't get released yet is probably due to Riot's popularity and focus shifting more toward the PC gaming sphere rather than the console one.

When Is Valorant Coming To Console

Rumors have been swimming around the ocean for quite a while, but nothing specific has been confirmed, until now. About a few months ago, Riot posted a job offering for the "Senior Game Designer" for Console.

In the Job description, it was stated that they are looking for:

“Design and refine features, modes, and systems to help bring console game products to market.”
SGD Valorant1
The headline for the job offer over at Riot HQ | © Riot Games

So what we can confirm for now is that they are surely working on releasing Valorant on both PS5 & Xbox. The release date isn't officially confirmed, but based on various sources, early 2024 is the date the follow for Valorant on XBOX & PS5.

This is what their job description stated:

"As a Senior Game Designer, you will design, tweak, and optimize the player experience. Your analytical skills, player insight, and creativity aid in crafting in- and out-of-game experiences that engage and surprise players. You will collaborate with interdisciplinary teams and work with every tool at hand to innovate and iterate player-focused designs that’ll delight millions around the world. Design and refine features, modes, and systems to help bring console game products to market. You will report to the Senior Manager, Game Design.”

The game is still available on Game Pass, but only for PC. Apart from this, Riot are also working on the mobile version of Valorant, and are currently in Testing Phase.

Mobile Files Uploaded On PBE Patch - Valorant On Console Coming Soon?

Another rumor which is significant on this topic is the recent addition of Mobile files on the new PBE update on Valorant. If their test phase starts in a couple of hours, the initial rumor that the game is coming on console in early 2024 could be a thing.

Will There Be Crossplay Between PC & Console in Valorant?

Aiming will certainly be a challenge as the joystick is incomparable to a mouse and keyboard in terms of mechanical skills in FPS. On a content video published by 100 Thieves, TenZ went on to play a 1vs1 rematch with his fiance Kyedae.

In the video, he ended up playing with an Xbox joystick and we could see the once-best player of Valorant struggle with his aim.

It would be hilarious if there would be cross-play between PC and Console, but that probably wouldn't happen and the game would have different player bases.


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