Disguised Valorant Is Back: Toast Signs Game Changers Roster

Toast announced his Game Changers roster, and they are already getting ready for the next North American Tournament.

Disguised GC1
Another super creative team picture from Disguised | © Disguised

It's been almost a month since Disguised Valorant Disbanded after they failed to qualify for 2024 Challengers NA. Disguised still hasn't signed a roster for his main team, but has officially signed one for his Disguised GC roster.

Disguised GC Signs A New Roster

It's official and Toast announced it himself. Disguised are back! The Disguised GC roster will compete in the upcoming Game Changers Series II tournament which will start on the 13th of July. The previous GC squad that was let off was highly criticized because of its roster which featured Kyedae, as they didn't do much in the previous tournament.

This team has quite the opposite vibe as there are no content creators in it. Instead, it features veteran GC players such as Hannah ‘hannah’ Reyes and Katherine ‘katarina’ Patrone, packed up with some young and promising players together with them.

The Disguised GC Roster is:

KatarinaKatherine PatroneAmericanPlayer
hannahHannah ReyesAmerican/FilipinoPlayer
nathnNathan HoangAmericanPlayer
unstableSouth KoreanPlayer
chrisyongChris YongSouth KoreanHead Coach

Will this roster be competitive enough and redeem Team Disguised name? In just a couple of days, we will find that out. If you like this, and you want some more juicy Valorant news, our Valorfeed News Section will do the trick.


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