Valorant Update 7.01: Premier Ignition, Behaviour Updates & More

Valorant Patch 7.01 is the first patch update ever since Episode 7 Act 1 came along. It has a new phase for Premier, small agent updates and player behaviour updates.

Deadlock Reveal1
Deadlock is the vocal point of Episode 7 | © Riot Games

It's been less than two weeks since Patch 7.0 came out, and we already have a small patch update for it with some exciting news! The biggest one here will be the new phase for the Premier Game which is the "Ignition Stage". It's a small patch but worth reading and learning about, so here we go.

Valorant patch 7.01: Full Update

Premier Update

Premier Mode1
Get your buddies ready, and prepare for a W in August | © Riot Games

With patch 7.01, Premier will have its Ignition Stage. The open beta is finally over, and with the new stage, everyone will have to start from scratch. This means that you'll have to make or join a new team again. If you had any team or match history from the previous stage, it will carry over to the launch that will happen in August.

Make sure to be careful with choosing the team name as you won't be able to change it later. If you don't know how Premier works, check this: Valorant Premier Global - How To Play.

The enrollment will run until July 20th, with the exact end times varying from each time zone. Matches start on July 20 as well and will run up until August 12th. Playoffs will start on the next day (August 13th). If you want to be a part of them you will have to earn a Premier Score of at least 375 points to qualify.

Winning the Premier will be sweet as you will get a Premier Champion Title with a matching gun buddy going with it as well. Bragging rights anyone?

Player Behaviour Updates

If you're allergic to toxic people, this update might help a bit. Player Behaviour updates in this patch include in-game bans for everyone that goes AFK repeatedly, griefing with friendly fire, and queue dodge in Competitive & Unrated. In case someone is text-muted in real-time, they will also be voice-muted for the entire match.

Minor Misc Agent Updates

There is an update in the ability icons which will make them more consistent across all of the Agents. These icons will now show above the equipped ability. Moreover, we will be able to hear some interesting conversations between Deadlock and Gekko as Riot added voice line interactions for them.


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