VCT Ascension 2023 EMEA & Americas: Results, Playoff Table and Standings

Ascension is underway with the EMEA and Americas teams fighting for the sweet promotion spot. Standings and Schedules can be found here.

VCT Asension20231
Who will be a part of the International Leagues for the next 2 years? | © Riot Games

In the second year of the Valorant Champions Tour circuit, the three international leagues will be expanded to accommodate 11 teams using a promotion system.

Within each region, an Ascension tournament will showcase the top Challengers teams, deciding which one will secure a two-year tenure in the international league.

VCT Ascension 2023 EMEA Format, Results, and Schedule

Ascension EMEA will begin with an online group stage, and later on, the playoff stage will be held offline in the VCT EMEA Coliseum located in Berlin.

The format will feature the group stage which will go on from the 30th of June up until the 4th of July. All of the matches here will be Bo3, with the top 2 teams from each group going to the Playoffs and the other being eliminated.

The Playoffs will go from 13th of July up to the 16th in a double-elimination bracket. All of the matches here will be Bo3 as well apart from the Lower-Bracket and Grand Finals which will be Bo5.

Baddy Gworking Out
ACE.baddyG preparing the back muscles for the incoming carry | © Twitter @baddyyG

Where To Watch VCT Ascension 2023 Americas

VCT Ascension 2023 EMEA Group Stage Standing

  • Group A
1. Acend3-1
2. SAW3-1
3. Digital Athletics2-2
4. CGN Esports1-3
5. DSYRE1-3
  • Group B
1. Apeks4-0
2. Gentle Mates3-1
3. FOKUS2-2
4. Team Falcons1-3
5. Case Esports0-4

VCT Ascension 2023 EMEA Playoff Table

Upper Brackets Semi-FinalsUpper Bracket FinalsGrand Final
Acend 2:0 Gentle MatesAcend 1:2 ApeksApeks 0:3 Gentle Mates
Apeks 2:0 SAW
Lower Bracket Semi-FinalsLower Bracket Finals
Gentle Mates 2:1 SAWAcend 0:3 Gentle Mates

VCT Ascension 2023 EMEA Schedule

  • Acend vs Gentle Mates - 13th July 17:00 CEST
  • Apeks vs SAW - 13th July 20:00 CEST
  • Upper Bracket Finals - 14th July 17:00 CEST
  • Lower Bracket Semi-Finals - 14th July 20:00 CEST
  • Lower Bracket Finals - 15th July 17:00 CEST
  • Grand Finals - 16th July - 17:00 CEST

VCT Ascension 2023 Americas Format, Results, and Schedule

Opposite of EMEA, Ascension Americas will have a full Offline experience for the players, featuring both a Group Stage and Playoff being played out in the Riot Games Brazil Studio & Pavilhão Pacaembu venues in São Paulo.

The Format will be the same as EMEA, the Group Stage started on the 30th of June and ended about a week ago on the 2nd of July. Playoffs are still ongoing and only have a few days left until they are finished.

The difference in the Group Stage is the number of participating teams, as in Americas we will have only 6 teams split into two groups, where the Winner of each group will advance to the Upper Bracket Semifinals, and the others will drop to Upper Bracket Quarterfinals.

Trent WIRL
Guard.trent is winning IRL, will he be able to win Sao Paulo as well? | © Twitter @trentFPS

Where To Watch VCT Ascension 2023 Americas

VCT Ascension 2023 Americas Group Stage Standing

  • Group A
1. The Union2-0
2. M801-1
3. FUSION0-2
  • Group B
1. The Guard2-0
2. 00 Nation1-1
3. 9z Team0-2

VCT Ascension 2023 Americas Playoff Table

UB Quarter FinalUB Semi-FinalUP FinalGrand Final
00 Nation 0 - 2 FUSIONThe Union 2 - 0 FUSIONThe Union 1 - 2 The Guard
M80 2 - 0 9z TeamThe Guard 2 - 0 M80The Guard 3-1- M80
LB QuarterfinalsLB SemifinalsLB Finals
M80 2 - 0 00 NationM80 2 - 0 9z TeamThe Union 0 - 2 M80
FUSION 0 - 2 9z Team

VCT Ascension 2023 Americas Schedule

  • July 8th - Lower Bracket Semi-Finals: M80 vs 9zTeam @ 20:00 CEST | Lower Bracket Finals: The Union vs M80/9z Team @ 23:00 CEST
  • July 9th - Grand Final: The Guard vs The Union/M80/9z Team @ 20:00 CEST

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