Prime TenZ Is Back! Sentinels Pull It Off Against 100T At Americas LCQ

Americas LCQ is underway, and we've just had our hype delivered in the match between Sentinels and 100 Thieves.

Sentinels Wvs100 T
Single Elimination win must feel good for SEN | © Riot Games

Are Sentinels Finally Back?

The question we ask ourselves every time Sentinels pull off a close victory at a major match. Whether they are or aren't, will be answered very soon as it all depends on if they will be able to qualify for Champions or not.

Map 1 - Pearl

The title isn't a clickbait, and TenZ wasn't really back until Map 3. 100T saw a hero arise when Cryo sweated his way into this map with 32 frags at the end. The starting rounds went to SEN as they managed the close the half 9-3. We all know what that means... right? The 9-3 curse has been haunting teams for a while and Sentinels weren't going to be spared.

After a miraculous run and a solid Jett performance by Cryo, 100T managed to draw it and force it to overtime. 100T won the initial round as Attackers, and in the last one Cryo schooled SEN with his OP on B Ramp as he got 3 OP kills from the get-go to steal Map 1 for his side.

Map 2 - Split

Losing in Overtime can strike you mentally and Map 2 was a do-or-die for Sentinels. The first half was a bummer for both sides. 100T won pistol round, but then Sentinels forced and won the next four rounds. 100T managed to stop their momentum and grab the half 7-5.

The second half was a must for Sentinels, and they delivered! After being quite poor in his performance, TenZ & Jimzo got their carry pants and made sure they weren't going to lose a single round in the second half. After missing quite a lot of his OP shots, TenZ made up all those misses while clicking heads with knives. The match ended after the dominating second half from Sentinels 13 to 7.

Decider Map - Bind

Players hate them, we love them! We got ourselves a decider map on the Match Of The Century here in LCQ Americas. This Map alone is a reason to watch or rewatch the VOD of the game and feel the adrenaline while TenZ goes super saiyan and the chat is spamming that he's back.

And that's not all. Bind gave us a Yoru Mirror match and honestly, everyone was just like BRING IT! Sentinels continued their form from Map 2, and made sure to give no space to 100T. The first half went 10-2 for Sentinels. All the hype was surrounding TenZ as he was bagging heads and feeling himself through the game.

At 12-4, Cryo stole the show and Aced Sentinels for a glimmer of hope to 100T. The next two rounds were theirs and the crowd was aching for another Overtime. That wasn't going to happen as they struggled to Entry on A and lost three on their slow push.

100Thieves Get Eliminated From VCT Americas LCQ

Single-elimination games tend to be really stressful but are immensely fun to watch for the audience. This was one of them, and whoever was watching it felt the hype and adrenalin. 100T get eliminated and their Champions 2023 dreams have officially ended. Regardless of the outcome, this game was a "well played" for both sides, and it's nothing but sad that it was a single-elimination one.

Sentinels vs 100Thieves Results By Map

These are the final results for each map for this matchup.

Sentinels 12-14 100Thieves
Sentinels 13-7 100Thieves
Sentinels 13-7 100Thieves

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