Valorant: Recon Bolt Is Dead – Riot Shuts Down Instalocking App

Instalocking via Recon Bolt has been a problem since forever in Valorant, and ever since this app was launched it was a burden for the community. Now Riot forced the Recon Bolt devs to sunset Recon Bolt – so don't be surprised if the app doesn't work anymore for you.

Average Jonas Instalock Moment
Recon Bolt: This is what you probably look like in Valorant after a successful instalock | © AverageJonas

In case you weren't aware, there was an app for Valorant that people could buy/download that would instantly lock-pick your desired Agent. This app was faster than any human being, and Riot had to step in to deal with the issue.

Recon Bolt: Valorant Instalock App Has Finally Been Dealt With

Recon Bolt SS
This is what the App looked like | © Recon Bolt

After the official statement that it's gone, we can freely talk about it. The Recon Bolt, which is the name of the app, was responsible for the countless instalocks that people were doing that no human being could match in terms of speed.

It was originally created by "Dunskus" as some sort of a way for players to observe how their rank would change. Over time, the app evolved into something completely different and allowed players to instalock agents together with other similar features.

On the Recon Bolt's discord group, Dunskus revealed the cease & desist letter he received from Riot, which threatened him with suing if he didn't take down the instalock app.

It's hard to describe how disappointed I am that things have turned out this way, but Riot has shut down all attempts from my side to have a conversation about this and figure out a way forward together.

The deadline for the app shutdown was July 27, but to be secure the dev and owner shut it down a week before just in case. Apart from instalocking, the app would also give you stats similar to the ones you can get from Tracker & Blitz.

In addition, it would also track your missions, load-outs, shop offerings and even had a built-in skin changer which is illegal by Riot ToS.

Does Reckon Bolt Still Work In Valorant?

Recon Bolt SS1
It had pretty cool match details on the app, so even if you're making coffee while downed you could keep track of what is going on | © Recon Bolt

The request from Riot was that the app would be taken down from the App Store and made unable to download. But, what would happen to the ones that already have it downloaded? Currently, the App still works for the ones that have it downloaded, but it's connected to an API that could go down at any moment.

If that doesn't happen, it could have the same outcome as Flappy Bird, where the app was not on the App Store but anyone that already had it installed would be able to play it.

Regardless of whether players like it or not, it has features that aren't supposed to be available and go against the Valorant & Riot ToS. We had an article recently about this and other apps that allowed Skin Changing and if it's bannable: Will I Get Banned For Using A Skin Changer In Valorant. So, if you're wondering whether you should continue using it, read the article and make a decision yourself.


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