Valorant Episode 7 Act 1: Rank Distribution & Player Count

Almost three weeks have passed since the release of Episode 7. It's time to see how our ranks have been spread between the player base and whether has anything changed.

Silver3 SS1
Is silver still the most populated rank in Valorant? | © Riot Games

Even though not by a large margin, the rank distribution in Valorant can change from Episode to Episode. The new Episode came with a new Agent and a few tweaks with it. Did the new meta change anything, or has the rank population stayed the same?

Episode 7 Act 1: Rank Distribution

Valorant Global Rank Distribution

The total number of players globally amounts to 5,909,004, and this is how they spread in the ranks:

RankPercentageNum. Of Players
Iron 10.78%46.276
Iron 22.82%167.078
Iron 38.53%504.368
Bronze 17.13%421.819
Bronze 29.63%569.190
Bronze 38.58%507.021
Silver 110.51%621.206
Silver 27.84%463.811
Silver 36.96%411.451
Gold 16.25%369.787
Gold 25.52%326.281
Gold 34.95%292.580
Platinum 14.39%259.536
Platinum 23.66%216.765
Platinum 33.34%197.536
Diamond 12.84%167.890
Diamond 22.06%122.147
Diamond 31.42%84.468
Ascendant 11.10%65.559
Ascendant 20.72%42.847
Ascendant 30.41%24.705
Immortal 10.18%11.086
Immortal 20.16%9.866
Immortal 30.07%4688

These are the global numbers for the rank distribution in Valorant. Bronze seems to be the bracket with the most players in it, and Silver 1 is the rank that houses 600k Valorant players. The numbers are more or less the same per region and the global one doesn't really differ from them.

Valorant Player Count Per Region

Our lovely FPS game is out for three years, and you are certainly wondering how many players have been addicted to it since. This article will be all about stats, and the next chapter will cover the Player count per Region in Valorant.

As a side note, these are all of the players that are actively playing Competitive Valorant and are Active in the game. The numbers may or may not be accurate but they've been gathered by the Valorant API for that time.

RegionPlayer Count
North America880.030
Latin America498.948



These numbers will surely increase in the coming period as Valorant has officially come to China and we can expect a surplus of Chinese players joining it. The release of Valorant in China also came with the release of a really cool weapon skin that was to be exclusive to China but has been made available for us as well.

What Are The Top Countries Playing Valorant

Valorant USA1
Americans are "the majority" in Valorant | © Riot Games

This will be the last stats for this article. Have you been guessing where the Valorant players mostly come from?! Well, guess no more, we got the stats for you!

  1. United States - 25.53%
  2. Brazil - 6,72%
  3. Turkiye - 6.12%
  4. Philippines - 5.73%
  5. Indonesia - 4%

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