Valorant Recall Event Pass - Start Date & All Rewards

Riot Games wants to make sure fans have some Valorant goodies under their Christmas trees by handing out a free event pass this December!

Valorant patch notes
Time to grind free cosmetics. | © Riot Games

Tis' the season to receive some jolly presents from good old Riot Games! That's right, not all cosmetics are expensive in Valorant, with a new event pass coming to send off 2022 with a bang.

On top of a brand-new meta changing patch 5.12, the debut of the Swiftplay game mode, and the confirmation of Split coming back with the start of Episode 6, there's plenty of stuff to look forward to already. Now, fans can also look forward to the Recall Event Pass.

Valorant Recall Event Pass - Start Date & Rewards

The Recall Event Pass will be available from December 14 at 4 PM PT, ending on January 4 at 4 PM PT. The cosmetics up for grabs are the following:

  • Walis Tambo Gun Buddy
  • Fakeout Spray
  • Two new Titles
  • Two new Player cards

Riot has promised all of these cosmetics are references to the Valorant community and events that happened throughout 2022, so if you've been following the scene for a while, you might be interested in getting all of them!

Valorant Recall Event Pass - How To Earn Rewards

To start grinding the event pass, all you have to do is play the game! Start earning XP playing all the modes, grouping up with friends and more, it doesn't matter how you do it as long as you're having fun!

Valorant Recall Event Pass - Cost

As we've mentioned above, and just in case you may have missed it, the Valorant Recall Event Pass is completely FREE! That's right, simply play during the dates in which it will be available and you'll be able to earn all the cosmetics.


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