Valorant Players Hate The New UI Changes

The new 6.07 Valorant update seems to have divided the fanbase with plenty of changes, including a more cluttered User Interface

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The new UI looks messy I ©Riot Games

Valorant update 6.07 brought some controversial changes to the game as Riot Games seems to have gone overboard with some fixes for constant issues plaguing the tactical shooter.

First, the new queue dodging penalties seems rather harsh according to a large portion of the community. And now, in their efforts to aid players maintain calm amid the chaotic nature of the game, new visual references for certain abilities have been added.

While the team removed some indicators from certain abilities like Reyna's Leer or Skye Seeker's, other visual updates across the board have made the game rather cluttered during highly tense situations. Rather ironic considering the headshot notification was removed to avoid such a thing.

Is The Valorant UI Bad?

Several notable pro players and content creators within the Valorant community have voiced their concerns with the new Valorant UI.

G2's coach Dani showed an image of the new yellow danger indicator pleading Riot that it should remove it from the game. The comically large warning sign even spawned some funny responses.

The same indicator can be seen in action in a clip shared by content creator Robbie Rayhart

Even Fnatic icon Boaster chimed in on the situation, asking if it was possible to remove the new UI changes, possibly reverting back to what they used to, or at least giving players an option to toggle them or on off.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think the new UI benefits players and the game or it's just an unnecessary nuisance that just confused them even more?


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