What Is Queue Dodging In Valorant?

Sometimes you don't feel good with the current team you're playing with or maybe someone picked your main. In those cases, queue dodging makes itself present in Valorant.

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Queue dodging is never the answer. | © Riot Games

Valorant ranked can feel like a flip coin between those good teams that actually comm, don't flame, and try to win, and the ever-present toxic teammates that insta-lock duelist and end up bottom fragging while mass-flaming everyone else.

However, there are times when, during the Agent selection screen, some players simply refuse to pick a character, thus making the matchmaking reset while it tries to fill that one player that decided not to play ball.

Sometimes, it's a case of forgetfulness, maybe they weren't near the PC and didn't make it in time to select an Agent. Most of the time, however, it's due to the person queue dodging.

What Is Queue Dodging?

As the name suggests, it is simply the act of not selecting your Agent and letting the time run out, thus the matchmaking is forced to find a new set of players for a brand-new match.

Usually, the penalties are relatively small. After all, it's better to queue dodge than to throw in-game. Having said that, with patch 6.07 Riot Games has amped up the penalties for repeatable offenses as they now include:

  • Bigger loss in RR for multiple dodges
  • One day bans for frequent AFK behavior

Why Do People Queue Dodge In Valorant?

As we mention, there are plenty of reasons. Amongst the many of them we have players that avoid selecting an Agent after their main role was filled, players dodging to see if they get a better matchup (usually more common at higher ELOs where the player pool is smaller), or they just simply don't feel like playing with their current team.


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