TenZ Believes Immortal Lobbies Are Bronze Level In Valorant Ranked

TenZ isn't happy with the current state of Valorant ranked, claiming the average skill of players on higher ranks isn't good enough.

Tenz LT
TenZ has had enough. I ©Riot Games

For a lot of pro players, Valorant ranked is simply in an unplayable state for a plethora of reasons. Hackers, throwing, toxicity, pick your poison. However, Canadian superstar Tyson "TenZ" Ngo also criticized the average level of Immortal lobbies, calling out their lack of understanding of the game at a tactical level.

If you're unaware, Immortal is the highest rank you can get in Valorant. Sure, there is Radiant, but that's like a cherry on top since it's capped at only 500 players per region.

TenZ Puts Immortal Players On Blast

A few months ago, back in February to be more exact, the Sentinels start player suggested that the average skill level of Immortal players resembled those in Gold.

Now, after describing ranked as "being in the gutter" he went further beyond, by claiming the Immortal lobbies are quite simply unplayable:

TenZ wrote:

People don't understand what their role does, don't understand any form of map control to even the basic fundamental understanding, communication normally pointless, too many tiktok trips that just lose you rounds and to top it off can't aim

It seems that Valorant Pro City, a dedicated server for top players to set up lobbies, might be the answer. Then again, it really isn't feasible to join on custom matches every time a player like TenZ wants to practice, which is why he's being so vocal about the state of ranked.

Do you agree with TenZ? What's your experience been like while trying to achieve a better rank in Valorant competitive?


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