Valorant Black Market Bundle: Skins, Cost, Release Date & More

The Black Market bundle has been officially revealed by Riot Games, bringing a special gimmick with it. Find out what is it!

Black marke
They look incredible! I ©Riot Games

We all love unique-looking skins, bonus points if you get collections with unique interactions. This is the case with the upcoming Black Market bundle.

These skins have a particular effect when playing Valorant either as a defender or an attacker as they change appearance, having unique variants depending on which role you're playing during a match as we've mentioned.

If the skins look somewhat familiar, that's because they share a lot of similarities with another tactical shooter and its weapon designs - Counter-Strike. Is this Riot Games paying homage or declaring "war" against CS2? In any case, they're really cool to look at, as they're more grounded that most of the skinlines featured in Valorant.

Black Market Valorant Bundle - Release Date

Revealed via social media by Riot Games, these unique skins will be available on April 12. They will replace the current featured skin collection in the Valorant in-game shop, the Altitude bundle.

Black Market Valorant Bundle - All Skins & Cost

The Black Market skins don't have a price set in stone at the moment, as we still need to figure out whether they'll have any other set of VFX besides the unique variants that will show up whether you're attacking or defending.

Of course, we'll be updating this article accordingly once we find out. However, we can say that the following weapons will be getting a Black Market skin:

  • Marshal
  • Vandal
  • Classic
  • Bulldog
  • Knife

You can take a look at the skins in action in the video down below:

And that's it! Will you be getting this bundle?


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