Valorant Players Unhappy With Harsher Queue Dodge Penalties

While Riot's intentions are good by trying to solve the queue dodging problem, some believe that it might be a tad too much with patch 6.07.

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Do you think it's a good change? I © Riot Games

We've all had to deal with some form of toxicity or situation that prevents us from playing Valorant. One of the most annoying, and common, is none other than queue dodging.

It may happen for various reasons but bottom line is that it is quite annoying and disrupts your queue times like nothing else. But hey, could be worse, people prefer a queue dodger than someone actually AFKing in the game.

Despite being a nuisance, many players firmly believe that Riot Games may have taken it too far with patch 6.07, where they implemented more severe punishments for those that are queue dodging. These include a bigger loss in RR and one-day bans from queueing up after multiple offenses.

Valorant Community Hates New Queue Dodging Penalties

In a Reddit thread that's garnered thousands of upvotes, user Sultansofpa makes a rather compelling case - with harsher penalties for queue dodging, most people would simply prefer to AFK in-game to avoid them.

I'd rather someone dodge my game than troll or go afk or just not play as well on a different agent cause they didn't get their agent. Any number of reasons why one might dodge and all of them seem better than that person feeling obligated to play the game out. I get that some people might abuse dodging multiple games in a row but I think I would rather wait in que longer than have a game ruined by someone who decides to troll instead of dodging.

The thread, which has over 1k upvotes on Reddit, has fans seconding the user's motion. TheGreatMortimer added that queue dodging is really a non-issue compared to other problems due to how fast it is to find games.

I think you should only get punished if you do it 3 consecutive times in 15 minutes or something ridiculous. I’ve never queue dodged more than one time before playing a match.

Despite Riot Games mentioning via social media that queue dodging is one of the most common offenses that pop up in their metrics, content creator for Liquid Mendo implied that he'd much rather deal with that than with toxic teammates.

So, which side are you on?


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