Valorant: How To Fix The "Can't Join Party" Error

Hopped on Valorant and can't enter your mates' party? Here's what's causing this issue and how you can fix it.

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Jett & Sage are already in the party, this guide might help you join your own | © Riot Games

Playing with a party can make the game much easier in terms of coms and calls, and being unable to do that can be a crucial hit to your Valorant experience.

There are a ton of stuff such as language barriers, ego, and unfriendly teammates that just want to skip that and play with your mates.

Why Am I Getting "Can't Join Party" In Valorant

There's more than one reason for this and we will cover all of them.

You & Your Party Members Are In Separate Regions

Valorant is split into several Regions or "Shards". Each of them has a set of servers in which you can play, and there is no crossplay between regions. If you or your party members are in different regions, you won't be able to be in the same party.

These are the regions in Valorant:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Korea
  • Brazil
  • China (new)
  • Pacific / Southeast Asia

There are three ways to fix this. The first one is to change your region of residence if you're eligible for it. Our Valorant: How To Change Region guide can help you here. It will guide you on the ways of checking if you can change region and what to do if you are.

The second fix is to create a new account using a VPN from the region of your mates.

But, there are some cons when doing this:

  • You will have to start from lvl 1
  • You won't be able to queue for competitive
  • It's not your main account

The third is to borrow or buy an account that's in the designated region. It's worth noting that buying/selling & boosting accounts is a red flag in Valorant and you might get punished for it.

Client Issue

Unable to invite, get invited, or start a game with friends
by u/kpparmar047 in VALORANT

The second issue could be a version mismatch or a client issue. If it's a version mismatch error, visit Valorant: How To Fix Version Mismatch Error and do the step-by-step that's explained in the guide to fix the issue.

Your next step would be to simply restart the game, and check the top-right corner if a Riot Vanguard issue is the one preventing you from playing with your friends. And if it is, check what the issue is and try to find a solution for it, depending on what's causing it.


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