Valorant Give Back//2023 Bundle: Price, Details, Skins

Donating where it's needed and getting melee skins in return? This bundle offers us a way to get skins without feeling bad about the money spent.

Give Back Bundle1
These are the four skins available in the bundle | © Riot Games

Starting July 19th, the Give Back bundle is released in the shop and available for purchase. It has four unique skins that will be presented later in the article.

Everything About The Give Back 2023 Bundle

The Give Back bundle has a purpose, and it's a pretty humane one. 50% of the proceeds from the weapon skins & 100% of the accessories will go towards the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. The fund is a "donor-advise" fund that is initially sponsored by Impact Assets.

The bundle features:

  • Recon Spectre (1,775 VP) available in four variants (Basic, Red Camo, Blue Camo & Green Camo) and has four levels of upgrades
  • Magepunk Sheriff (1,775 VP) available in four variants (Basic, Green, Ping & Orange) with four levels of upgrades
  • Gaia's Vengeance Vandal (1.755 VP) available in four variants (Basic, Blue, Green & Orange) with four levels of upgrades
  • Reaver Guardian (1.755 VP) available in four variants (Basic, Red, Black & White) with four levels of upgrades

In addition, it also has these accessories:

  • Give Back // 2023 Spray (675 VP)
  • Give Back // 2023 Card (775 VP)
  • Give Back // 2023 Buddy (975 VP)

These are the prices you would pay if you decide to buy the items individually. The skins are also offered in a bundle in the store which costs 6,378 VP, which is a 3,138 VP discounted price.

In addition to the Give Back Bundle, the Ignite Capsule is still available, and will be here until the 4th of August. The only thing missing right now is the Night Market, and we're all set up to open up our wallets and cash in.

Price Details2023 GB
The price breakdown of the bundle | © Riot Games

The Magepunk sheriff will probably be the skin that will be the most in demand here. There are also comments on the official Twitter post that most of the players already have a skin or two that's in the bundle.

That makes a conflict and will make the demand for bundle much lower than expected. Overall it's a good release, as if someone is interested in updating his skins collection, can have four more skins other than the daily ones available in the store.


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