Valorant Data Usage - How Much Internet Does Valorant Use?

Lots of players use an unlimited internet data plan. But some players have limited data, not having the opportunity to freely download and play games like Valorant. So what is Valorant's data usage?

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How much data does Valorant use on your Internet? | © Riot Games

Not everyone can play Valorant unconditionally with unlimited Internet. Some players don't have lots of data like streamers do, while others went on holiday and have a Gigabyte or two of Internet data to spare for gaming. So if you want to know how much data Valorant will cost you, don't worry as here we'll check out Valorant's data usage!

How much Internet Data does Valorant Use?

Valorant uses 200MB to 250MB of data per hour of gameplay. But this number shouldn't be taken at face value since it can range from player to player. The game sometimes can take up to 500MB of data per hour.

Although around 200MB is the normal range of Internet data for Valorant, some players have reported usage of up to 1GB of data! This can be due to a number of factors, such as using voice chat or Valorant stats overlays. You can limit the data usage from these resources by disabling voice chat alongside the overlays if you don't depend on them too much for your gameplay enjoyability.

Another thing that could affect the data usage of Valorant on your PC can be the match length and gameplay. Usually, you can expect 60MB to 80MB of data usage per Valorant match. The data usage between individual matches can reach high numbers depending on how long the match was running, how long every round took, and even how many agents were alive using their abilities. Even the abilities that your team and the enemy team are using take up some of your data!

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And that's everything you need to know about how much Internet data Valorant uses. Now you can calculate how much data you'll use on the game, and even some tips to lower that consumption. Make sure to visit our Instagram and tell us how much data you used up on Valorant!