How Long is an Average Valorant Game?

Valorant's timer has its ups and downs regarding the match you're playing. One Valorant game can either take too long or fall off short by a lot depending on how good you are with your teammates. So let's take a look at the average game length for Valorant!

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What's the average game length in Valorant? | © Riot Games

Valorant matches are the staple for excellent gameplay that cost you your precious free time. But how long they take is what some players are really bothered by. Riot Games gave us different game modes with all of them having different game lengths. This is so you can organize your time if you have something more important than the Vandal or Phantom, but still want to hit a game. So next we'll check out the average game length behind a Valorant match!

Average Valorant Game Length: Unrated and Competitive

Unrated and Competitive matches are one and the same when it comes to the first 13 rounds. Their average game length is around 30-40 minutes. Though if you're winning or losing really badly with your best Phantom ending in 13-0/0-13 games, the game length is around 20-25 minutes. But how long a game will take you changes between Unrated and Competitive if it ends in a 13-13 depends.

Unrated is a best of 13 rounds game mode, meaning when both teams reach 13 rounds, the game enters Sudden Death and the winner of the next round is the winner of the game. But when a Competitive match enters a 13-13 situation, the game enters Overtime and you can either draw or continue the game after every 2 rounds. This can increase the game's length by a lot, sometimes going over 1 hour.

How Long are Spike Rush and Death Match in Valorant?

Spike Rush and Death Match are the 2 game modes you'll want to hit when you're short of time or to practice between the big matches. Spike Rush matches take around 15 minutes. And that's to be expected since Spike Rush is a best out of 4 game mode, meaning it can end in a maximum of 7 rounds.

Deathmatch on the other hand can end even much faster than any other game mode. The average Deathmatch game length is 8-10 minutes. With no abilities and a way to only practice your precise gunplay, this short time suits Deathmatch's game length.

Now you know how to hassle your time between important real-life tasks and Valorant! And let's be honest, we've all jumped in a game while being under pressure for other events. So you should always aim for Deathmatch games if you're under pressure for time.